Singer-Songwriter Eileen Carey, Releases Country Pop Song Video That Town on Youtube
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The Country Pop Singer-Songwriter, Eileen Carey, will be releasing the video for her hit single ‘’That Town’’ this coming Friday on YouTube. ‘’That Town’’ is a story that concerns all of us, citizens of the world. In her new single, Eileen Carey carries a deep and strong message about courage and starting new adventures. In her bittersweet new single, “That Town,” she acknowledges “I know I’ll miss this place” but ultimately concludes “I’ve got somewhere to be.” That undefined “somewhere” is the irresistible lure.

As with most country pop songs, it deals with a real world situation many of us face, or have faced in the past. We’ve all had to make that decision: Do we remain in the town we grew up in—the place that gave us emotional context and predictability—or do we cross our fingers and set out to discover strange new worlds?

A Country scene veteran, Eileen Carey’s wisdom and good humor in her songs have built her a large and growing audience and earned her near-permanent residence on the New Music Weekly charts.

Tune in on country radio this week on Thursday on WLX-Lawrenceburg. Eileen Carey will be talking about the inspiration for the video. Live at 8:30 am.

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