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Shot tower

Shot tower

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Shot tower discussion
I was watching the Travel Channel,and they had a show about supposed ghost in the Remington Shot Tower in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Some ghost hunters went in there overnight and got locked down. They had special camera and special recorders to pick up sites and sounds of supposed people that died in the shot tower from different things such as an explosion that happened in 1942, shot shells, and falling into vats of boiling water. Alot happened in that shot tower. I know homeless people were living in there for a while, I'm not sure about now. They have alot of asbestos in the walls. I think the name of the show is Ghost Hunters. I thought it was rather strange. The factory is next to St. Augustine's cemetary where "Charlie the Bum was buried. It is an old cemetary. Does anyone know anything about the Remingtom Arms Shot Tower. I am a local historian. After seeing that show last night, it wouldn't beckon me to want to go in there, coupled with the fact that the building is structurally unsafe. Write back, Sue