Extraterrestrial life
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Http://www.unmuseum.org/oakisl.htm here there is a picture of an island off of the coast of novia scotio canada, its a small island in the shape of a peanut with a mysterious hole called the money pit....... people beleive that the ark of the covenant is burried at the bottom of this pit, Now to get to the key points i want u to know so that this post is understandable, many people think that the ark was delivered by "the creator", i beleive it may have been delivered by extraterrestial life forms to help us, now as read in texts this ark when tampered with would leave cancerous tumours all over the victoms body, resembling that this ark had something to do with radiation,______-that far back in time?____________ well now if it was a type of extraterrestial tool that we had used, it may end the stories of christianity but it will also leave a better question of why..... ok r u still with me? key points


1)island uninhabited with mysterious money pit---aka: a huge irrogation flood chamber running from three sections around the island to prevent unburying the pit with even today the bottom has not been seen..

2) this pit reaches over 200 ft. below ground with stone slabs and wooden planks every ten feet.

3) extremely difficult to prevent the flooding of the pit...


1) This ark had something to do with great powers as well as it killed off thousands as well as it was used as a weapon not to mention the most important part------it has something to do with radiation that, im sorry but i dont really think that that technoledgy was arround in anchiant times.

2) the ark\radiation

3) the flooding pit to prevent the excavation of whatever is at the bottem----probably the most prized possesion of all tim.

4)maybe extraterrestrial tool(witch would explain the technoledgy in such times)

Now that i have explained this pit,(witch u all can look into and read more about it by googleing it) lets move onto what really makes this a mystery,
if u all are interested in extraterrestials, which i am, then u should know about the whole anciant citys and the constallation of orion particularly orions belt, if u dont heres a quick overveiw not in much detail......

[ many anciant cities such as egypt, etc. are beleived to depict orions belt--beleived to be the starting point------ as well as it points to the brightest star in the sky, well egypt, "etc. cities", if orions belt is lined up over top the pyramids point to a city of worship or whatever, ]

well all of these anciant citys point to a city or something of importance when using the "orion belt theme"

now on this island there is a cross made of stones laid out across this island and the pit is a little way off, what if it is not a cross at all what if ( assuming that the ark was of extraterrestrial life) the stones were laid to depict the constellation of orion, and is it did so, as i put it together the belt layer, (or the cross section) points directly to the pit as in anciant times, what if these rocks were laid out as a sign to point to the pit other than as a cross, what significant point is there to a cross made of lined up rocks when playing connect the dots, ...... put orions belt theme into the equasion an BAM.. it fits and it leads where? directly to the pit.

what r ur guys thoughts about this am i crazy?
do u think the same? etc. etc.

what could be the meaning of this pit, what could be the meaning of someone going through so much effort in those times as to dig so much and go through so much hardships for absolutely nothing......

better yet what could be at the bottom of the pit and what do u think of the orion belt theme when brought into the equasion?