Fish anatomy
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Question regarding to Guppy Fry gender:

Hi, I have started my freshwater tank for about 2 months now. Watching my guppy fry growing is a lot of fun for me. I have 5 guppy fry and they are about 7 weeks old now. Three of them have shown colors on the dorsal fin and caudal fin. I did some research about how to identify the gender; the source says look at the tiny gravid spot. From my observation, I noticed two of them have a relatively bigger gravid spot and the other three with colored fins have tiny black spot. One day, I saw one of the fry is kinda trying to impregnant with the full grown female guppy. So, it makes me wonder if that fry (the one with colored fins) is male. But, I thought all of them are female guppies according to the black spot near the stomach. Can someone give me an answer, please? I appreciated.