Global warming

Global warming

Please study my proposal and support or ignore it
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Global warming discussion
I have entered a proposal through at

Please take a little time to read it, and vote for it if you agree with me that this may lead the world to a more practical and faster solution to the Global Warming problem.

As you know, the current the Cap and Trade of carbon allowances system, the solution agreed at Kyoto, has not worked very well, and I am proposing a parallel and simultáneous solution path to be implemented, not an alternative to cap and trade, which I think should be allowed to help de-carbonize the world economy.

The principal obstacle to reach agreement at Kyoto, that will be present as well in Copenhagen next December, and which was one of the reasons why USA did not joined in at that time, is that poor countries blame rich countries for the global warming and they demand to be allowed to continue to damage the atmosphere in order to catch up with the progress that industrialized countries already got through their history of unrestricted damage to the atmosphere.

It is fair that rich countries carry with the heaviest economic burden to cope with the solution, but poor countries can not be allowed to keep damaging the atmosphere either.

My parallel solution does not make a difference between rich and poor countries, since at the very bottom, this is a life or death problem for humanity. We are all traveling in the only planet that can keep us alive in the universe, and if we blew it, our grand children probably will not live in a world that could allow them to have their own children at all. To turns things worse, chances are that the poorest populations on earth will be affected the most and the earliest, so they must act accordingly.

Voting for the different proposals at the page indicates is a way to make things happen, let's do something together!

Andrés J. Forno

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I forgot to inform the name of my "thought" at, which is