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Peaceful protesters or armed gangs
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I ;ike it russia and china,now it forces the rebels 2 show there true colors,go 2 the table here's there chance 2 voice ur concerns like respectable ppl,be heared by the whole world without assads army trying 2 stop u,if they dont except this then there not peaceful protesters there armed gangs,and the syrain army should have the rite 2 wipe all of them from the face of this earth.

replied to: flizzzy
Thou shalt not kill;

Assad's family have dominated Syria for too long ; his father killed thousands in one town.

"Wiped from the face of thew Earth" - is that Islamic . if that is done, many Innocents will die - men women and children - is that "GOOD"? you complain that protesters are killing and say that it is wrong - now you say ti will be Right to kill Innocent people . you are confused.
Assad's father did not come to "the table" nor has Assad come to the table.

replied to: Puckish
Protesters in China cannot "come to the table"

In parts of China peopel's mhouses have been destroyed, without prior notice - and they cannot Protest . This has been done by Corrupt local officials, who are greedy for power and money.
If these poor people go to Beijing to complain , the Government often imprison them ! - and they say that such matters belong to Local government , not Central government.

So we see that the Chinese Government are FAILING to care for their own people.