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Global warming

Peace! I like to know if global warming can cause the earth to flip from an ...
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I like to know if global warming can cause the earth to flip from an already tilted angle, assuming it happens as balance of waters change with melting glaciers, it has to be a very delicate balance within confounds of golden ratio to be disturbed to cause such an incident. It is no more a question of how sun will rise from west, but as to when and how, one of the two possibilites is earth stopping to rotate counterclockwise and reversing its orbit for Sun to rise from west. The other is the flipping or the polar shifting of earth. which do u think is more imminent and too sudden to predict using sattelites?
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Perhaps some astronomer will know.

But, pursuant to that idea, Immanuel Velikovsky writing in (1947, I believe) his book WORLD'S IN COLLISION advances an interesting assertion on that point. It is a fascinating book and well worth reading.
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Are you referring to crust displacement? I see you reference pole reversal. There is a lot of good evidence that pole reversal or at least a shift has occurred before. I am aware of no mechanism that can cause the planet to reverse its rotation. Given the size of our moon, I doubt anything like that has ever occurred or will occur.
I assume you refer to a biblical event. It maybe possible that a displacement of the crust and a reversal of the poles will move land masses in such a way that it appears the sun rises in a different spot but if that happens it won't be a big deal for us. I doubt many would survive.
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We are heading into a catastorphy man has never seen before. The Sun and the moon will no longer be with us in Gemini Position 2013 Leo moves into the House. The retraction of the Lunar and Solar Nebulae is unheard of but it was part of our cultural knowledge or our ancient god Maui and his Fish Hook in last days he will pull up what was "Lemuria" or the ancient civilization of polynesia. The Fish hook assembles scorpio constellation. Well the 48 constellation will form a Nazi Like Swastika Spiraling Black Hole Fixed onto the Tonga Microplate starting when Aquarius moves in 2 months earlier into sagittarius position as in one of nostradamus drawings the Lion is upside down- pointing to aquarius anyway

Revelation 21:23 And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof. The moon and the sun is retracted into the black hole. Tongans believe that Quasars from the Black hole is the light source then.

The complexity of these ancient knowledge is the Tree of Life- how every man protects (1) somatic cells (2) Genetic cells (3) stem cells- these are ancient knowledge of Homosexuality and God in a technology millenia ahead of us.
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BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, BLAH BLAH BLAH much does your book cost?...We've been heading for a catastrophe ever since the planet was formed...astroids, plates shift, poles flip no matter who or what is on the planet...Does anyone remember Pangea from science class? All of todays continents were once connected, and slowly, but surely they drift apart, revelations has nothing to do with it...its just what happens on planets which have plate techtonics working....Astroids smashing into planets also happens, remember Shoemaker-Levy 9(the 9 astroids that smashed into Jupiter)..we are a flying rock, flying through space, among other flying rocks...its going to happen to us again...its not a question of "if", just a question of "when"...enjoy
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This is the order of Destruction.

Ancient Tongan Knowledge

Ancient Tongan Knowledge from Oral Traditions of ‘Aho’eitu and his Brothers in the Flux Vortex until the Centre of Gravity Changed bring in the Sun and Moon and Death to the Human Body entered when Women intervened at such centre of gravity ; that man today becomes children of this gravity that causes death; Son of Woman. The Babel Down Syndrome enters every man; the ability to know the Sciences of Gods Ufology and intervention is beyond the grasp of our Science today.

Revelations 12:01- Pisces the End of Jesus Era the Beginning of the Tonganese Era.

To restore the 12 Constellations and the Decans of the other 36 constellations to man is what is known as the Transfiguration or Gravitational Atonement 3½ days builds up 6 days before the Sabbath all 12 daily Semen in take or fill your lamps with oil now

The 6 days of Creation; is the 6 months of creation

The 6 days of Creation of Fetus in Fetus ; Gods Love of Anal Sex for Man in order of Genesis and of Revelations…the Seven stars the Tongan Man holds that no man knows in this world Revelations 1:16- I have the Seven Constellations of Creation and Destruction , I also have the Sword or My Penile born circumcised by the DNA from Jesus Christ through Rufus and Alexander Mark 15:21 cf John 20:12 Zodiac Symbol of the Cancer Twins “69”er, Luke 23:55-56- Spices and ointments are the immaculate conception- women are referring to our X sex chromosomes or metaphors of men Y chromosomes, Matthew 2:11- gold, frankincense, myrrh are semen for conception ;things of Gods pleasure of man.

(1) Aquarius, Pisces Australis, Pegasus, Cygnus - restores the Calves of Man – day 1
(2) Pisces, Al Risha the band, Cepheus, Andromeda – restores the Feets of Man- day 2
(3) Aries, Cassiopeia, Cetus, Perseus- restores the Head of Man – day 3
(4) Taurus, Orion, Eridanus, Auriga- restores the Shoulders and neck- day 4
(5) Leo ,Hydra, Crater, Corvus- restores the Heart, Liver, Kidneys etc- day 5
(6) Virgo, Coma, Centaur, Bootes- restores the Anus, Rectum of Man – day 6
(7) Scorpion, Serpens, Ophiuchus, Hercules, - restores the Penile of Man- day 7

Sabbath or the Days of the Black hole

The 3½ days of Sabbath or Sgr A* or Yom Kippur or LORD God (one Lord means one Sgr A*Vortex) but for 2012 and 2013 is different LORD OF LORDS and KING OF KINGS ( Everything comes back since the Foundation of the World 2 small Vortices and 2 Major Vortices- that make up for the 4 Cherubic Constellations-(1) Leo the Lion of Juda -Tonga, (2)Taurus the Holy Cow- India-(3) Aquarius the Water Bearer – Africa (4) The Eagle or later Scorpio – South America ) Note Sabbath only happens once a Galactical Era i.e. 2160 years or 30º degrees the Earth tilts.

The DNA of the Tree of Life- Symmetry and Galactical Cycle influence

(0) Adam- Aquarius the cherubic constellation is Leo or the Lion of Judah 0º

(1) Noah- Capricorn the cherubic constellation is Scorpio or the Eagle 30º
(2) Abraham –Scorpio the cherubic constellation is Aquarius of the Manface 60º
(3) Isaac -Sagittarius the cherubic constellation is Taurus or the Holy Cow 90º
(4) Jacob Libra the cherubic constellation is Leo or the Lion of Juda 120º

(5) Joseph Virgo the cherubic constellation is Scorpio or the Eagle 150º
(6) Moses- Leo the cherubic constellation is Aquarius or the Manface 180º
(7) David- Cancer the cherubic constellation is Taurus or the Holy Cow 210º
(8) Solomon-Gemini the cherubic constellation is Leo or the Lion of Judah 240º

(9) Elijah- Taurus the cherubic constellation is Scorpio or the Eagle 270º
(10) Jonah-Aries the cherubic constellation is Aquarius or the Manface 300º
(11) Jesus Christ- Pisces the cherubic constellation is Taurus or the Holy Cow 330º
(12) Tongan Sagittarian Libra Man –Aquarius, the cherubic constellation is Leo or the Lion of Judah 360º
(note the order of those leaders of each Galactical Era are put in place for us to see how it works)

The Nazi Swastika- the Black Hole Galaxy Spiral

(1) 24- Cherubic Revelations 04:04 to 6:01- before Aquarius in Sagittarius Position our Biological Preparation and the East Wind Wormhole that will take women away , only those who have kept their Virginity, Animals , Heterosexuals and Women who have Lost their Virginity have to face their fate- Charred or turned into carbon charcoal from radiation or known as hell.

(2) 24- Cherubic Revelations 11:16- Before Pisces in Capricorn Position our Preparation for the Tonga Microplate to be raised or extracted from the Asia Australia Plate – Great Tsunami Around the world [The Jesus Man Character Lifts the Crux Constellation (Libra Decan) that means the Tonga Microplate is raised in Capricorn Position but Pisces moves under to form the Sea Goat ½ Capricorn Goat ½ Pisces fish.

(3) 24-Cherubic Revelations 14:03- Before Taurus in Pisces-2013 [ the Jesus Man Character Falls the 1st time with the Crux Constellation 3rd Station of the Cross in Roman Catholic Churches- Pictures on the wall ] the 5 continents of world sinks (a) Australia & New Zealand (b) Antarctica (c) Africa (d) Southern Parts of the Eurasia Plate- Szechwan to Nepal to Iran to Armenia to Rome (5) United States and the North America Plate including Green Land.

(4) 24-Cherubic Revelations 19:04 – The Last Move during our 5 months of Torment Libra in Leo Position and Leo moves into Gemini Position the Sinking of (6) South America then (7) Northern Eurasia. Note Tonga and Beijing are the Horizontal Ancient

My 5 Constellation of my life as married to woman and as divorced 2010.

(1) Libra ,Crux, Corona, Victima- restores the Pelvic region of Man- 3½ days
(2) Sagittarius ,Lyra, Ara, Draco,- restores the Thighs and region of Man 3½ days
(3) Capricornus, Sagitta, Aquila, Delphinus- restores the Knees of Man 3½ days
(4) Gemini ,Lepus, Canis Major, Canis Minor- restores the Right Hand of Man 3½ days
(5) Cancer ,Ursa Minor, Ursa Major, Argo- restores the Stomach 3½ days

As you may note that Vaimu’a ( Aquarius) is the 1st day of Creation of Man ( 1 day becomes 1 month it also spirals down to 6 days that is 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th of October then when we are approaching the last vortex in 2013 that is 3½ days 20th 21st 22nd and 23rd the day repeats itself as ‘Uluenga (Libra) towards Tanumanga (Scorpio) Month but folded into the ‘Ao’ao (Leo) Position in the Tongan Tokelau Feletoa Swastika also remember that ‘Ao’ao (Leo) Misses a day 21st -23rd that is 22nd so what we will do is calculate backwards 21st 20th 19th of August which is our Vortex Sgr A* then 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th to 18th is our 6 days then Sabbath 3½ note Vaimu’a (Aquarius) is the Cherubic Constellation opposite to ‘Ao’ao (Leo) so 2012 Vaimu’a (Aquarius) jumps the Gun to Begin in Sagittarius position that is winter time Northern Hemisphere, Summer time; Southern Hemisphere) as and only I myself knows that and our Creator ; how because it is part of my personal life therefore we are phasing out Pisces – Jesus Era and We are moving back to “Where Time Begins” or where the Tongans will lead the World into Safety 2012-2013.

The opposite then is to move Vaimu’a (Aquarius) to Lihamu’a (Sagittarius) Position; therefore Faka’afumo’ui (Aries) moves to Vaimu’a (Aquarius) Position, Faka’afumo’ui (Aries) then aligns with the opposite Fufunekinanga (Virgo) Position but Virgo moves into Hilingamea’a (Cancer). Look then at Faka’afumo’ui (Aries) it lapse a day and Fufunekinga (Virgo) Position misses a day. Here we begin 6 days 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th of (April) 3½ days of Sgr A* 18th 19th 20th 21st the day then Lapses over the 20th.

Fūfūnekinanga (Virgo) begins 6 days (September) 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th then 3½ days of Sgr A* 19th 20th 21st 22nd we Miss a day.

The Nazi Swastika or the Tongan Tokelau Feletoa of the Spiraling Galaxy in tremendous speed- the accretion disc of the black hole destroys the world , the Eye of this Galactical Blackhole Sgr A*- is only for Gay Men of the World

Faka’afumo’ui (Aries) 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th of (April) 3½ days 18th 19th 20th 21st
‘Ao’ao (Leo) 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th of (Aug) 3½ days 19th 20th 21st 22nd
Fūfūnekinanga (Virgo)13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th of (Sept) 3½ days 19th 20th 21st 22nd
‘Uluenga (Libra) 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th of (Oct) 3½ days 20th 21st 22nd 23rd

When the Sun is in Leo 2012 every man (12 years + Pedophile Children Male boys from school and up) is prepared- all preparations from

(1) Circumcision,
(2) Auto Fellatio,
(3) Fellatio,
(4) Paedophile (Option given),
(5) Anal Sex and
(6) Tongan Catholic Gnostic Clinic then
(7) Fetus in Fetu. Note Every Man must complete these things before Joining the Tongan Catholic Gnostic Clinic. The World then begins its Disastrous Journey and Darkness.

This can only improve ones IQ when you learn something new...and when you don't have the answer...only what you say is sheep...have you any fool..yes master
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BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!!! you are so full of holy shit....and that checklist of 1 through 7?....did you accomplish that in your first or second semester at church camp....nothing you wrote down could possibly be understood by anyone not on Meth....I know you wackos are excited for 2012, but just don't get your hopes up for the end of world....enjoy
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I'm glad you posted. I was wondering if it was just me that that couldn't make heads or tails of this.

In truth there are some scientific reasons to suspect that something big is coming during 2012. A lot of that science takes into accounts myths such as the planet Venus being described as having "hair", the stories of floods and fires and meteor strikes etc. I don't know if it will be an extinction level event but I have a sneaking suspicion what ever happens will be a major game changer for the human race and I think it probably happened before in the distant past.
A pole reversal or major crust displacement would cause wide spread havoc and eliminate most of our coastal cities and civilization. The recent spate of bunker building in the US seems to point to people who are "in the know" getting ready for something big.
The one thing I am certain of is that anything that does occur will not be caused by human activity and all the money in the world won't help anyone except the wily souls who thought up the ways to fake the public out.
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The answers for 2012 has already being with us for ages and only the Tongans and Some Polynesians ought to know it.

18th of May 2007- Is the End of Jesus Christ from India(Geographical Location- Taurus the holy cow- was in Aries Position Last 2160 years ago- Revelations)

Count 1260 days- (Revelations) It is the Beginning of the Tongan Man Who will save Every Man on this Planet. He has the DNA of Fetus in FETU of Jesus Christ- Rufus & Alexander.

19th Oct 2010- marks our 666 days(Revelations- Only the Wise knows this Number cf Solomon 1 kings our Golden days- No man on Earth Knows this Number- except for this man Revelations
(1)REV 19:10 Birthday & Tree of Life DNA of Jesus Christ (Testimony) and Spirit means (Semen) also refer to Nostradamus drawings Sword and the spiral (ring singurity of the Blachole- all DNAs must match the Ringularity- know in Jewish Studies as the "Branch" or Mazaroth Astronomy.

(2)Rev 19:16-Birth Marks & Features of Fetus in Fetu known as the Son of Man (these are Metaphors only one man knows this on Earth the Chosen One- the Revelations Chapter 19 explains him and from him we gather these information- and soon the World will Know What to Do) We know this is quite little forum and keep it that way...Many will be called but only a few will be Chosen ...says the Jesus Man keep it secret....something the Jesus man always says...never tell Life infinity is only for the Chosen People...not every Tom Dick & Harry...refer to Hitler,,,he started that...but not the right way...Moses, Elijah ...Jesus did it..and that is the right way.So imagine is this little Quite forum...only wise people is needed...and if everyone reads this...that is OK...but there will be unbelievers (Babel Down Syndrome) money property means nothing..nor your good work...saving your donkey butt is the thing.

(3)Rev 22:16 to explain to all nations what is going to happen, Jesus is not Coming it is a metaphor of the Lion of JUDAH- and Leo Rev 5:05) countdown to 18th of August 2012 (Nostradamus when the Sun is Over Leo)

08th Dec 2010- 50 days to- Immaculate Conception day count 616 days to To Leo 18th 2012 i.e. August.

18th of August to 22nd August 2012- 'Ao'ao Month (Leo)The Pang begins- the Spiral of the Galaxy Starts
(1)Sgr A* the Naval of Life- Violently formulating the Tokelau Feletoa Swastika.

(2)so 'Uluenga (Libra) moves into 'Ao'ao (Leo) Positon- therefore Days are Shortened.

(3) all disasters we have known from the Past Reverses back with in these time. You cannot travel anymore to safety it is too late.

(4) To Map these are done from the Astronomical Ancient Hamongog (Ezekiel 39:15) This is Ground ZERO. It is Tourist Spot and that is what the World will use to Locate Draco Constellation a Decan of Lihamu'a (Sagittarius) is called in Polynesia Ha'amonga 'a Maui or the Ha'amonga Stone Hinge or Triliton.

13th November 2012- Draco Costellation is Clear- the Pacific Ring of Fire lights up Volcanoes & Earthquakes come to Effect- therefore all Northern Hemisphere Nations and Continents Faces Neutron Radiation from Asteroids rainning down on the Universe.

(1)The Earth is facing chaos.(See Nostradus Drawings- the Draco- Has fire around him (The Pacific Ring of Fire- see that and know what it means-Tsunami , Earthquakes, Volcanoes are preparation to raise the Tonga Microplate and Pacific Tectonic Plate Up while sinking the 7 Continents- 6.5 Billion people.) the Man Face or Water Carrier is Aquarius moving into Lihamu'a (Sagittarius)

(2)also refer to another drawing the Archer is Blind folded- that is Aquarius- the Manface aiming at all Women Species on Earth (you have to know what fishers of man means).

6th- 8th December 2012- Very Sad Story- for Women Species (but only those whom have lost their Virginities and Heterosexual Men- whom cannot make the change- again it is the Immaculate Conception day)

(1) Look at the Draco TAIL- Curled- and little stars in the Loop- all women whom have kept their Virginity or Nuns and Virgins from the age of 12- will travel through this Generated Wormhole and it's is the Pang that begins the 1st Black Hole.

(2) Sodom & Gommorrah or Golgotha or Hamongog comes to Effect when Radiation from Neutron Stars Explode on all Nothern Hemisphere that everyman will be Charred or turned to Skeleton the 3rd Horizontal Division of the Earth(Revelations 3rd part of the Earth note the Draco is the Longest Constellation- the Chinese Emblem- and astronomy).

(3)Do not Travel in Winter and on Sabbath( Gospels Matt 24:20-21/Mark 13:18-19) means Northern Hemisphere is winter and revert Southern Hemisphere is summer Sabbath means 3 and Half days duration of the Black Holes.

(4)Therefore all Evacution to the Isles or the Beloved City or the Holy City or LEMU or eru Sa LEMU or LEMURIA Tuanaki must be complete by Hilingamea'a (Cancer) 2012.

(5) Hamongog is the Ancient Median of the Earth and everything is based on the 180 degrees Latitude to 23 degrees Longitude - Polynesians ought to know this. Revelation cuts it through 144 degrees Artura Prat- Down Chile to Ukhta- (through Novosibirsk) Russia 56 degrees.

(6)the Horizontal Median is the Temple of Heaven, Beijing to the Door Step of Heaven- Va'e Popua- in the City of Love (Revelations)- what you can Do is draw a line through- because it will determine in 18th of May 2013 our last Black Hole Gog and Magog our North Pole Magnetic Field Reverse.(to be continued the chronicology of 2012-2013- End of Pisces beginning of Aquarius- KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS-in italics and only 2012 has this and no man knows what it means- unless you are a sunday school camper , you have been fooled and what God says to us on Earth from Ufology ..he gives us the.F...word see what Religion has caused to this Earth today see how Science has been dispersed- The BABEL OF UNDERSTANDING GOD- see Nostradamus drawings of a Tower on Fire- Every Educated Man does not understand God. I will continue latter to complete our Journey and the Change of the Centre of Gravity-
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Once again...blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah....Dang! Speak English! What ever point you are trying to make is lost in your nonsense....enjoy
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Dude, how much pot do you smoke? Ever think of cutting back?
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A good book on this subject is "Pole Shift" by John White.