ONLINE PALMISTRY & ASTROLOGY (Professional Consultancy Service)
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Palmistry & Astrology are true sciences which allow a skilled palmist/astrologer to guide you in your:

• Personality & character
• Knowledge & education
• Higher & foreign education
• Profession & career
• Money, wealth & finance
• Fixed assets & property
• Love & affairs
• Marriage & relationships
• Health & diseases
• International traveling & foreign settlement

These sciences also allow a skilled person to read your past events & mistakes, know about your present circumstances, and also predict your future events & happenings.

This is imran saeed, qualified as MBA in marketing sciences and a professional astrologer & hand analyst with true expertise and international repute. I have spent 12 long years in studying, learning, exploring, researching, experimenting and practicing palmistry & astrology and now providing my online services all over the word through phone and internet, by charging a very nominal fee.

My consultancy includes my clients’ past events and mistakes, present circumstances and future events & happenings. Further I also guide my client professionally that how they can avail future opportunities of life, and avoid future threats of life. Further I also tell my clients about their lucky number, day, colour & gemstone.

Most of my personal, national & international predictions have proven true over the times and have been praised by the media and public. People from different countries of the world including India, Australia, Canada, UK, USA and UAE are taking benefit of my online services and improving their lives.

I am also doing Palmistry & Astrology programmes on different TV channels and writing my forecasts in English & Urdu newspapers of Pakistan. My interviews have been published in national & international newspapers.

You can read my interview in INDIAN famous newspaper "Mid-Day" about my predictions on BENAZIR BHUTTO, made on 20th November, declaring November & December as negative time for her. Further the description of planetary position and aspects in her horoscope on 27th December, which caused her assassination.

You can read my detailed interview on Palmistry & Astrology in Naw-I-Waqt (Family Magazine)

You can also watch my interview on Palmistry on (DIN TV)

You can also read my Pakistan’s 2010 forecast in Naw-I-Waqt (Family Magazine) of 10-to-16 January 2010.

You can also read my Pakistan’s monthly forecast in Naw-I-Waqt (Family Magazine) every month.

You can also read my zodiac monthly forecast in Naw-I-Waqt (Family Magazine) every month.


I am also teaching Palmistry & Astrology to serious and passionate students with professional approach and case studies. My teaching includes both theoretical and practical learning, both in groups and individual lectures.

I also have original and high quality gemstones at very low price and with money back guarantee.

Good Luck,

Astrologer & Palmist

Member of international Palmistry community
Columnist & Forecaster Nawa-I-Waqt (Family Magazine)


Office # 202, 2nd Floor, PACE,
M.M Alam Road, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan