Not all the Seventh Star from Bride's Star to Grooms Star are Vatham (Hard)
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Kala Prakasikai is a text book, printed by the Sarawathi Mahal Library, Tanjore. This book is written based on a palm leaves manuscript of AD 700. This was Edited by Thethiyoor, Krishnamurthy Sastrigal. Sri Nirusimha Soori edited this manuscript has the referrence of Vaasishtam, Kala Deepam, Kaalaa Tharsam, Paththathy, Naradeeyam, Athreyam and Vaasaspathyam..

Generally you may think the star counted from the brides' horoscope the groom's horoscope falls as 7 it is Vatham.But in case of Uththiram it is not.

In stars there are male stars, female Stars and shemale stars. If the birthstar is from same group it is good. Since the Uththiram and Kettai belongs to Female category it is identified as excellent coincides.(ref page No 108., Kala Pragasighai, (Tamil) By S.Krishna Murthy sastrigal, Sarasvathi Mahal Library, 2004)

Female Stars: Ayilyam, Magam, Pooram, Uththiram, Thiruvadirai, Bharani, Chiththirai, Swathi, Visagam, Pooradam, Uththiradam, Kettai, Avittam and Thiruvoonam (14)

Male Stars: Aswini, karthigai, Rohini, ponarpoosam, poosam, Hastham, anusham, poorattadhi, Uththirattadhi and Revathi (10)

She male Stars: Mirugasesham, Sadhayam and Moolam (3)

Here this Manuscript says if the stars from same gender coincides it is very excellent.

But there was misunderstanding and the astrologers forgot to take in to account

But When there is Vadham in Seventh Star how it Coincides with Maahendra Poruththam?

Maahendhra means Sampath, the money OK The Uththiram I patham, Simha rasi, and Kettai is Vrichiga Rasi 4 house. The Astrlogy hand book quotes that the couple will be poor.
How is that?

Experts Please comment!