Extraterrestrial life
My theory on extraterrestrial life
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For every grain of sand on all the beaches on our planet their are a million stars in the universe.
So their is without a doubt inteligent beings out there.
Living on planets thousands of years older then our own.
With technology far beyond our imaginations.
Why havent they made contact? The only reason to suggest this is that they dont want to.
We are but their experiments created from their imaginations. Robots created from a super intelligent being, planted here on earth.

The main objective with all life form is to reproduce, just as they created us, we too will one day have the technology to create a race that can reproduce.
We too will be able to travel to other worlds planting races built from our imaginations. That will eventually evolve to create there own race.
Thus life creating life creating life.
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If we were the result of alien experiments it is certainly a long running one.

gaia-ists theorize that the planet itself is alive, seeking to create a life form intelligent and adaptable enough to spread its particular brand of DNA into the galaxy before the planet dies.

I always thought this was a good idea. It seems somehow to speak to the essence of life's struggle. Sounds like you're on a parallel track.