Dutch East India Company
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My husband's grandfather was employed by the Dutch East India company in Modjakarta. He went there in about 1910 and his name was Lambert Elfrink. He married a lady with the maiden name of Morbeck. All 3 of his children were born there - Hendrick in 1917, Paul in 1919 and Berthleis about 1922. I am having a lot of difficulty finding records in Indonesia and don't know where to start. The family (apart from Lambert) travelled to Holland in approximately 1930 leaving Lambert to finish what ever he was doing but he died in about 1936 under suspicious circumstances. My father in law has a movie with everybody in it and it shows the family travelling to their summer home in the mountains (to escape the heat) and the children at school there. I understand they went to Holland for secondary education. I think Lambert managed a sugar plantation there. Can anybody help me or tell me where to start. Thank you. Libby Elfrink