Mary Frances Rollo Bussey: Stories?
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My Great-Great Grandmother, Mary Frances Rollo, was a full Cherokee living in S or NC when she married Edward Moody Bussey. They were the parents of my grandfather, Rufus Thomas Bussey.

Their marriage occured in the late 1800's so it's obvious her family were not on the forced Trail of Tears march to Oklahoma. I would like to know how some Cherokees remained behind?

She is a favorite ancestor of mine; Her story breaks my heart. She had 12 children before she was 32, when she died, yes, in childbirth. They may have moved on to Alabama by this time. I'm not sure. Several of her children died, including the newborn twin that preceded her in death.

Women had so many struggles, but these stories continue to haunt me. I'm not a geneologist, but am interested in the culture and human experiences of my ancestors. Thanks for any information related to Mary Frances Rollo, Rollos in general, or the Cherokee who remained in the Southeast, after the Death March.
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I'm VERY interested in your information. I'm trying to find some Busey parents in NC. They were said to be Indian. My Busey is Tempe Busey born in 1807. (I actually need her brother that married a Nancy in or before 1830's)Tempe married Joseph Smith in 1825 in Rowan, NC But them married and unknown MOODY and lived in Tenn. in 1850. (she Smith, Moody and Busey children living with her by 1860)
Do you have any info on Edward Mary and their 12 children?