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Mammoth Bones surfacing in Siberia as Tundra 'Warms'
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I surmise that this Intelligent and alert majority has noticed the latest revelation in the Media? The Mammoth Bones being discovered in Siberia?

On first glance the "MELTING TUNDRA" is Media spin Capitalized. "Warming Temperatures" is next, in slightly smaller font. The first paragraphs describe the proliferation (leading you to believe this is a rarity) and only as you read deeper into the several articles released, does the alert reader become ever so slightly aware of the 'Truth'.

The Mammoth Bones have been 'surfacing' along meandering creek beds in the 'Tundra'...for untold 'CENTURIES'. Generations of Siberian 'Bone Hunters' have earned their sparse livelihood from the harvesting of 'Mammoth Bones'. ...GENERATIONS...

Now for the real revelation. At several sites in the past, recovery has revealed 'Daisies' in the mouth's and digestive systems of the fully 'flash frozen' remains.
The reports were the 1950's... when schools actually taught 'Science' instead of 'Political Conjecture'.

Ice Ages obviously have an unpredictable onlaught far more rapidly than 'current' educators understand, or are reluctant to teach. Agenda Driven, Journalism Politics has trumped Research Science ...again..
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It is a fact,that the earths crust encases a liquid ball with an iron core.
We have a sphere within a sphere separated by a liquid magma. the outer sphere is spinning on a slightly differant axis to the inner iron ball. The iron ball has mountains and valleys. The inside of the crust has mountains pointing toward the center core
What is worse about this arrangement, is the fact that the earth's outer crust is continiously changing shape.
There occasionally comes a day when a collision occurs between the crust and the core, Due to an inner "crust mountian" colliding with a "core mountain" like some huge cog wheel. This can have a pronounced effect uppon the direction and axis of the crust, The equator and the poles can change places in an afternoon.
This explains why tropical plants and animals are found buried in polar regions with tropical plants in the digestive tracts of animals, It also explains the magnetic annmolies found in the crust of the earth where the poles have suddenly changed, with the abrupt loss of fosilised life evidence.
This has nothing to do with gradual ice ages.

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Reference to the Physical Axis of Earth, changing. It's immense Mass, precludes any rapid change ( theory of Inertia..."an object in motion tends to stay in motion, an object at rest tends to stay at rest"). Continental Drift is, by laws of nature, quite gradual.

I am sure you are aware, The more imminent 'cause and effect' already in motion, is the Geo-Magnetic Pole Shift. Long overdue, the accepted 'current rate' of progress, estimates the North Magnetic Pole within Siberia by the end of this century.

The Magnetosphere is (according to 'Popular Science' last issue online) Showing signs of 'Cracking'. It's solar Flare protective mantle is Flawed, as they say. Of course 2012 is mentioned as the start of the 'Test'. :>)

Magnetic Pole Shift, as you are obviously aware, happens either gradually, or in some recorded (Atlantic Rift 'Magma' magnetic records) documentation, quite rapidly. As little as ten years, to complete the re-orientation. (not to be confused with historic 'Excursions').

I found this Discovery Channel series interesting for it's unbiased presentation. Maybe you have watched it already?
Kind of fun to watch, it's an intermix of acknowledged historic events and mystics. :>)
(if I have the right one)

If not, the correct title is, "Dec 21 2012 The End" (part 1 of 5/6?)
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We are all aware of the theories regarding irresistible forces and immovable objects when it comes to inertia.
You obviously did not digest the facts listed .
In the first place itwas not suggested, the earth changed its axis.
On the contrary, I stated the "Crust" which is approx. 5 miles thick. (comparable to the skin of a grape) by scale and weighing less than 1% of the cores mass, has moved by internal collision with the surface of the inner core.
The peripheral speed of the crust at the equator is in excess of 2000 mile per hour. Which means it would be possible for plates forming the surface of the earth to have been moved from one axis to another in the time specified.
This would explain how creatures were found in the Perma frost with undigested tropical grass in their digestive tracts. Perhaps you have an explanation for this?
The other facts I mentioned was the extinction of life at the time of the magnetic reversals which occurred globally.
The unfortunate creatures were probably dead before taking this "Journey" as such a geological upheaval would certainly
have completely destroyed their life supporting environment.
The internal collisions within our globe have taken place more than once as shown by earth core samples exhibiting magnetic reversal and mass extinction.
These "internal collisions" may have been externally caused by impact or merely a planetary alignment causing off balance gravitational forces which could distort the earth's crust.
An extensive autopsy on the Mammoths might be helpfull.
research into the planetary arrangements at the time of the magnetic reversals or the time of heavy impact such as the Ucatan crater etc, will ultimately prove or disprove the above statements.

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Oooooohhh!!!! this is good! like a mental tennis match. I like it!

can i ask a question?

is there any proof that crust displacement has occurred ever?

the first time I heard a reference to this was in a book by Graham something or other about a 'lost advanced civilization'. It was entertaining to read but I certainly didn't think it was based on facts... more like entertainment for the "ufos as reality, Atlantis is rising, the pyramids were built by aliens" group.

I know that it's proven that pole shifts have occurred so I'm clear on that. It the crust displacement thing that I think sounds a bit like supposition science. I mean, wouldn't that have pretty much eliminated fossil beds and the like, shredded those mammoths they keep finding?


IGNORE THIS. I HAVE CHANGED WHAT I KNOW AND HAVE OTHER QUESTIONS!!!! I asked them in another thread in this forum.
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Okay, I did some research into magnetic pole shifts. The best evidence for this is the Gothenburg Flip (14100bce) where the north pole shifted down to the pacific equatorial region for about 10- 50 years. It shifted back as abruptly as it shifted down, maybe as fast as 8degrees A DAY. I can qualify this if you want.

This flip occurred around the time of the massive warming at the end of the Wisconsin and before the cooling of the Younger Dryas. It was not the impact of solid bodies like asteroids or comets that produced the warming/cooling, it was the coronal mass ejection and general hyperactivity of the sun which was experiencing a period of cosmic dust and gas influx evidenced in ice cores, sedimentary records and geological records.

dust and gas from the core of the galaxy excites the sun as well as changes the frequency of radiant energy from UV to infrared thus causing abrupt inversion of the thermal properties of the planet's atmosphere and land.
There is evidence that the Pleistocene extinction event (mammoths) was precipitated by a massive warming then cooling of the global climate driven by changes in the sun's activity and radiant output.

I have references for all these statements if you like.

I can find no evidence other than conjecture of a crust displacement. If you have references that I can look up that proves this, please let me know.

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I am not ashamed to admit that the theory of global crust displacement, which so eloquently describes the phenomena which was necessary in producing the archeological evidence we speak of:
Namely prehistoric wild life chewing on tropical flora, while being "flash frozen" Came straight off the top of my head. I can think of no other way that this could have happened. Bearing in mind that the ice caps have
been shown to have vast levels of fossilized oil bearing sedimentary layers which would also seem more in place in an equatorial region.
If any one can suggest a believable explanation of how the flash freezing might have occurred, I am all ears.
Of course we must not forget the time required for the fossilization of vast "equatorial forests" to arrive beneath the feet of these mislpaced animals.

On a different note: have you ever seen anything on this:

(copy & paste) this as it probably will not hyperlink.

This all seems to fit together with global warming.

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Have you read Earth on Fire by Paul Laviolette? If you haven't, do so. It will blow your mind. I can't believe this isn't what's being studied.

In short ( I hope)

the Pleistocene extinction events was triggered by a radical change in the behavior of the galactic core...a core explosion...he bases this explosion theory on the steady state physics of Fred Hoyle, which I have also looked into, the book arrives shortly.

the explosion occurred about twenty three to twenty five years before the extreme warming event that began the extinction. It was the arrival of cosmic gas and dust in our solar system preceded by an EM/gravity wave.
The Em wave triggered a period of excitement in the sun, increasing solar flare activity and possibly triggering a CME.
the Em wave also triggered a magnetic field shift called the Gothenburg Flip. Current thinking is that pole shifts occur very gradually but there is geological evidence that this one occurred very rapidly...8degrees a day!
the pole shifted to the S. pacific equatorial region for 10-50 years then abruptly shifted back again.

when the dust arrived, it shrouded the sun and changed the radiant output from UV to infrared increasing the heat output by magnitudes.This caused the equatorial regions of the earth to become unlivable and drove large animals north

the Wisconsin Glaciers began to melt very rapidly as the earth's atmosphere warmed. the mega-fauna living along the glacial lakes, under the shadows of these massive glaciers are the ones we find frozen with food in their mouths and stomachs.

basically La Violette says that ice locked melt water lakes inside and on top of the glaciers burst their damn or banks forming soliton type waves. Soliton fluid structures (think tsunamis) do not dissipate like regular waves. They get their energy from their mass. Just like a tsunami coming to shore, these soliton waves traveled across the ice toward the sea rather than out of the sea. They crashed into the glacial lakes often moving entire lakes out of their beds. Theses massive floods were moving so fast and were so large that animals living at the bases of glacier could not escape. This accounts not only for mammoths and large animals found in these huge bone beds in Alaska and Siberia but also the millions of tiny animals like lemmings etc.

the refreezing event of the Younger Dryas was abrupt. He gives the triggers and evidence for this.

steady state theory has also led me to a new way to think about gravity that explains the structure and function of the universe and why the red shift galaxies remain structurally intact as they approach C.

what if....G=M-E


You gotta read the book....I would have to rewrite it to impart all I've learned!