Ultimate fate of the universe

Ultimate fate of the universe

Is there a speed greater than cosmic speed to prove Einstine wrong?
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Ultimate fate of the universe discussion
Recently the physics world was abuzz with the CERN's statement of a subatomic particles known as neutrinos breaking the cosmic speed limit - the speed of light. Is it too early to give up on einstein or a revoulunary descovery had taken place which could wobble the whole world of physics?????
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As your discussion is right but we cannot be so sure about it. why iam saying this because now many scientist are saying that "we have to check" on what measurement they had done. but their are can many possible reasons of such destructive idea. as we all know that neutrinos weakly interact with matter and we also know that we cannot see them. it could be possible that these particle move in some different dimensions which we cannot see, we can see light but not neutrinos and because of which "they take advantage" and vanish "an old idea of quantum mechanics".
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Equation of time (T = M E) may prove that light is not the ultimate speed

This is by suggesting that energy of dark matter is .000005 a vacuum unit of energy, and .0000005 to .0000001 are absorbable dark energy ranges present in universe.

T = M E
=.000005 x .0000004
= 0

There is zero time consumed by quantizing of these unit masses
compared to speed of light from sun to earth

=.0000054 x 185185
= 1 second

so .0000054 to .0000055 the unit orbital energy of earth,this energy is not governed by time,so means that absorption of energy governed by vacuum absorption takes in no time,and equation T=E verified V=M=E equation.

Orbiting of earth is resulted from absorption of.0000054 unit energy as possible but vacuum of outer space holds .000005 causing earth to strip off only .0000004 to .0000005 energy absorbed by vacuum.