Extraterrestrial life
Interplanetary travel
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Taking notice of many discussions that, have been posted about life on other planets to which, I also agree,I
have one concern. Our technology still does not permit
us to go that far which, leaves us quite limited.
I don't know if there's a discussion forum about this
subject but, my concern is, that in order for us to
reach deep space, we need to step off from our
regular methods of propulsion and start thinking
in the other direction. All we have are fuel cells,
solar power, fossil fuels and natural gasses as
means of propulsion. I'm not a scientist nor an engineer
but, I have experience and I've done my homework.
Now, I know that,alternative means of propulsion
is a subject that many scientists and engineers are
working on as we speak.
But it's not enough for where our minds and thoughts
bring us. So, this field needs a boost.
A boost so strong that, it will propell space age
propulsion and technology to a point where interplanetary
travell will become a reality within 20 years or less.