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In 2000, while vacationing in Scotland, I drove north on the A74 from Gretna Green to Glasgow. At one point, I thought I saw above me, to the right of the highway, a large petroglyph of a stick figure of a human form scratched out on the side of a hill. I would guess the figure was 100-200ft from head to toe. I still wonder if what I saw was an actual petroglyph, or a modern piece of earth art, or a mere figment of my imagination. I used Google Earth to see if I could find this petroglyph, and I did locate something near the town of Crawford that looks something like it, but I can't be sure. The Google Earth image shows something somewhat similar to the mysterious Nasca Lines in Peru. The Google Earth GPS coordinates for the location of the figure that I see are:

Elevation 1,537 ft. (about 600ft higher than the A74)

Could anyone please clarify what I did (or did not) see on those stark hills of Scotland?