Athletics at the 1908 Summer Olympics
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I'm looking for a complete account of the final of the 1500 meter run in the 1908 Olympics;my father's father won the first heat, beating James Lightbody, the reigning Olympic Champion. Unfortunately for the U.S., that "knocked," Lightbody out of the final.
Short of Mel Sheppard (a team mate of my Grampa) winning and beating the favored Brit, there's little detail in any of the accounts. Grampa loved to run from 3rd or 4th until the
last 220, then frequently pass the three ahead of him by yards at the tape, that's how he beat Lightbody the day bfore the final. I would greatly appreciate any further info anybody has on this race; I have scoured the dailies of every newspaper extant the day of the race, July 14.1908 and days around it. Thanks in advance for any help at all.
All the best, Terence M.Sullivan