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George Noory

George Noory

I'm confused! And I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone, too!! I've been a C...
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George Noory discussion

I'm confused! And I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone, too!! I've been a C2C listener for many years and remember when George Noory replaced Art Bell. George often mentioned being born and raised in Dearborn and Detroit, Michigan. And all of the online biographies state this, as well as his having attended University of Detroit.

Unless I'm imagining things, it seems that, recently, George has been mentioning his New England (Massachusetts) upbringing. !SOS! It doesn't really matter where he was born and raised but it spooks me, after so many years, to hear him mention his early life in New England - I mean, this is something I'd never heard him talk about! Granted, I don't listen every night but about 2-3xs/week, so I figured I'd have caught this at some point, previously.

Is there anyone out there who can enlighten me? Many thanks!

replied to: lmhawkins
Hi! I too am confused about George Noory's background. I am a streamlink member so I selectively listen to most of the shows and did before when it was Art Bell, even though I didn't really like him. I don't remember George EVER bringing up his early life in New England, was under the impression he always lived in the Michigan and then Missouri areas. But you know unlike Art, George doesn't talk much about himself--his personal life or anything. Like I think alot of regular listeners, I am curious about things like his divorce: when was it, does he still correspond with his ex, does he have a current lady, and most of all--why in the world does he travel constantly between 2 states--that would wear anyone out but it must be really important to him since he does it all the time. It is a very weird way to live and I don't understand why he does it--does anyone know? And does anyone know more about this cave he broadcasts from in Missori? Whose cave is it? Does he own it and why does he use it for his shows? Does he also plan to use it for survival reasons--you know from protection from future upheavals like a bomb shelter type of thing? I hope someone who knows gets back to me! Thanx!, Diane
replied to: elwynevenstar
I am not at all confused about George Noory.
I believe he has been great at the awsome job
of taking over from Art Bell.
He travels back and forth between L.A and the cave
because his family lives in the east somewhere, I
believe he will soon have a third place to visit
in Hawaii!!! As for Art Bell talking about his private
life , he found out too late it best not to. George
is smarter because he saw what happened to Art & Ramona.