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American cockroach

American cockroach

If you step on a cockroach and it is pregnant, will the eggs transfer to your...
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American cockroach discussion
If you step on a cockroach and it is pregnant, will the eggs transfer to your shoes and possibly carry them with you? Also, in the step on case, is it possible to disinfect your shoe soles and if so, how?
replied to: jmoldovan
The short answer is no if she is still carrying the egg case it still to early for them to hatch. She will not drop it until shortly before they are ready to hatch. If it is dropped to early then chances are it will dry out before the eggs are ready to hatch. If stepped on there is very little chance the egg case would stay intact and it would not be able to support the separate eggs inside.

The species is very important if you are worried about transferring them inside your own home. The German cockroach is the only one to be worried about and its not the one you stepped on you should be concerned with.If you stepped on it in some one else s infested home then any object in that home if transferred to your own must be thoroughly inspected for live roaches or eggs ready to hatch. If the infestation is bad then check clothing hand bags and pocket books before you enter your own home. Your bet bet for avoiding an infestation in your home is stay away from that $5.00 VCR at the garage sale down the street.Do not allow others to wash their clothes dirty laundry is a great place for them to hide and stay out of places that are infested. All other roaches are not able to set up a breeding colony inside of the typical American home the conditions are not conducive to there needs. Contrary to popular belief roaches have never been confirmed as major disease carriers but if it really bothers you. A little soap and water should do the trick with the shoe.