Israeli-Palestinian conflict
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If the Israeli's claim that the Holy Land is theirs by God's order, then consider that the Jewish scribes translated the Cuneiform alphabet on clay tablets into Hebrew soon after Hebrew was created.
Cuneiform is an alphabet which uses five lines and dots to indicat sounds, like we pronounce the vowels in English.
Cuneiform cannot be directly translated into a letter type alphabet.
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Hebrew is a phoenician dialect related to the wide spread aramaic language in the middle east, the so called hebrew alphabet is a modified copy of the phoenician "abgad" letters, the first invented letters.
the phoenician "abgad" is adopted by the aramaic tribes and kingdoms of the middle east as well as by the greek about the time of homer and from the greeks to all latin and modern european languages.
it is a fact that most of the hebrew bible containing the myth and history of the tribes of israel was in reality written in Babylon, hence the many parallels between the jewish and Babylonian myth., (see the epic of gilgamesh,) the first and most known story in the old middle east, written thousands of years before the hebrew bible was narrated. The so called 10 commandments and most of the hebrew laws are a selected copy of the babylonian laws.
Hebrew was not created by a tribe or a nation it is just a dialect, like arabic (south aramaic dialect) one of many dialect related to aramaic, the lingua franca of the middle east.
the history of the nation of israel is a myth created by scribes living in babylon. where are the artifacts left by their greatest kings, david and solomon? the jewish are digging in palestine since a century and no trace... on the other hand you can find the sarcophagi of Hiram the king of Tyre mentioned with "his friend" king solomon in the hebrew bible, in the city of tyre but nothing of solomon or david, no trace... why????
since the hieroglyphs were translated we found out that the egyptian wrote down all the happening around them. again they mentioned the phoenician cities and kings but never the israelite kings!!!! why???? if solomon and david were so great and neighboring egypt , why they were not mentioned anywhere in the whole middle east????? because in reality they never existed!!!!!
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There is an easier method to this. The Bible says that the Abrahamic Covenant or the land deed did not go to the Jews, but to the Lost Tribes a.k.a. Joseph. 1 Chronicles 5:2, 'Though it was promise that the Messiah would come from the Jews the Birthright of Abraham remained with Joseph.' So either Joseph is lost and gone forever or he is many nations (Gen 17) and a people like the stars of the sky between the Nile and the Euphrates(Gen 15) in line with the Birthright of Abraham. Easy Easy Right. ;)