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I have a lot of Zoroastrian tendencies and shown my interest in a few forums. There is a Muslim (Tazi parast) guy who targeting Zoroastrian beliefs to challenge me! In one of his posts he is ridiculing "Sad Dar" script. I was wondering what is this document! I quickly went through and found it pretty odd! I did not expect such beliefs and quotes from a Zoroastrian reference! one of which suggesting if someone commits unnatural sex everyone is obligated to kill them right away! This is way over the top and if not worst that Muslim rules is at least the same. There are a lot of other issues with this scripture which are way too odd!

Can someone please let me know about the validity of this script in Zoroastrian faith?! I am hoping that it is something that added on and is not credible / authentic Zoroastrian reference!
your timely responce will be highly appreciated as this guy is going to use this opportunity to beat Zoroastrian and promote Islam!

Thanks, Farah