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Volkswagen Caddy

Volkswagen Caddy

I have a 1981 pickup 1.7 gas. When I am at a smooth speed, in any gear I have...
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Volkswagen Caddy discussion
I have a 1981 pickup 1.7 gas. When I am at a smooth speed, in any gear I have a surge---when I give it gas it smooth out and no surging.What can I do ????
replied to: baker1931
1981 Volkswagon 4 cylinder gasoline engine ....Check all of the vacuum lines going to the carburetor from the engine, if they are soft like bubble gum, or break like a cracker, replace them, next check the fuel filter and make sure it is not restricted, if in doubt, replace it anyway.The air filter should be replaced every 12 months of normal driving, or in severe service driving, replace it monthly...Clean or replace the spark plugs as needed and check that the spark plug wires are in good order,if they are cracked or gasoline soaked or oily, replace with new ones,Champion spark plugs will give you miles and miles of excellent service.Check the PVC valve on the valve cover for vacuum leaks and replace it, if it is dirty.The Distributor should be examined, if it is cracked or worn, replace it, The rotor should not be burned or if it has corrosion on the metal tip, replace with a new one as well.Have a mechanic check the Dwell and timing on the motor to make sure it set to the factory specifications. good luck.....