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I have a 1966 copy of 'The Crusades' by Zoe Oldenbourg (translated from French). It mentions a massacre of the Armenians of Edessa in 1110. Can someone provide another source?

'... The massacre of the inhabitants of the region of Edessa surpassed in horror the sack of Jerusalem and the massacres of the Crusading armies in Anatolia.

The Franks had the unfortunate idea of evacuating the entire civilian population (including that of the fortified cities) to the right bank of the Euphrates ...

... Mawdud's army found it child's play to fall upon the wretched people gathered beside the Euphrates ...

... they were slaughtered before the very eyes of the Franks who, having already crossed the river were powerless to help ...

... A whole rich and fertile province was transformed overnight into a ruined and wasted land - a desert. It never recovered. ...