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Hummingbird Beetle? Hi, Although, I have been observing nature for over ...
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Entomology discussion
Hummingbird Beetle?
Although, I have been observing nature for over 50 years here in Oklahoma, I only saw this beetle once, about 25 years ago, when I moved into the ancient Crosstimber Forest.
It is a hummingbird mimic.
Almost the size of a hummingbird, this insect has an emerald green, elongated body.
It extended it's wing cover membranes out the rear and crossed them so they looked like the slightly forked tail of a hummingbird.
It's wings extended perpendicular from it's body just as a hummingbird's wings.
It kept it's proboscus extended straight to look like a hummingbird beak.
It hovered at a flower and then would fly backwards, leaving the flower and going to the next in perfect hummingbird fashion.
I watched this insect for over 30 minutes. I looked in reference books for years and never saw anything like it.
I did, finally, meet a man who lives about 4 miles from me that had seen one, once, also.
Anyone have an ideas?
replied to: BirdBoy
Hi BirdBoy,
It sounds to me like you have spotted a Hummingbird Moth or Hummingbird Clearwing(Hemaris thysbe)
I've seen a few when I was collecting butterflies as a child.
It seems they aren't very common in Oklahoma or Alabama(where I live)

Hope that helps.

replied to: ilovebugs
Hi Brandon,
I am familiar with those species but, no, this was an emerald green beetle much like Cotinis nitida (June Bug) only much longer. The description I gave is accurate. As I mentioned, the only other person I know of that has seen one, also, lives in this area of the Cross Timber Forest of central Oklahoma.
Thanks, BirdBoy
replied to: BirdBoy
Philadelphia, PA
On Friday, July 9, my cat caught an insect that sounds exactly like the one you described. I thought she had caught a hummingbird and made her release it. It was big, definitely round and beautifully blue and green (sort of irridecesent, like a scarab). I know it wasn't a Hummingbird Moth because I saw one this weekend at Tyler Arborteum in Media and it is much more bird shaped, much more like a hummingbird, with fluffy fur-like stuff on its back. I'm sorry that I didn't keep it as no one seems to believe me. I have never seen anything like it before. To be honest, I'd never seen a Hummingbird Moth either.

So, it's refreshing that you saw the same thing.