European colonization of the Americas
Honors History!!=]
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Okay so my teacher is really hard but nice but hard haha and i have 4 more questions that i just cant find in my book and im not that good at internet searches so if some people could help me out i would really appreciate it!

1. Describe the changes taking place in Western Europe that resulted in widespread interest in colonization.
~ ik that christopher colombus had something to do with it and spanish armada and commerce i just cant make all the connections=/

2. Describe the ways in which the peoples of europe and north america affected each other when their societies came in contact in the late 15th century
~ they forced the native americans to be like slaves right??

3. Compare and contrast englands early efforts at colonization with those of spain. Be sure to take account the incentives and sequence of events.
~ I dont really iunderstand what that question is even asking haha

well for anybody who helps thatnk you very much i appreciate it ALOT!!!! haah thanks!