Global warming

Global warming

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Global warming discussion
I would like to know if weather has only been recorded for some seventy years how do scientists justify this descriptive term.

also is it true the only reson the climate change activists gained strength was owing to the end of the cold war and those people involved in cnd etc now endorse this non evidential unscientific claim of doomsday weather change.

i would like to hear other views on this particularly people who think they have proper and unbiased evidence to substantiate the claims of scientists.
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the only people on this site who are going to respond to your excellent questions are either enlightened intelligent people who've seen all the Bob Carter videos and read the reports, know geology and ice core records, understand the function of the sun on our climate...and thus KNOW global warming, as presented by the 'scientists' of the Ippcc (whatever their initials are), is a load of very stinky crap


the rubes who think the world is about to end and the polar bears are dying because all the penguins live elsewhere...

as the guy from MIT says....yes, the globe will warm or cool over the next 100 years...odds of either happening?

odds of CO2 killing the planet....ZERO