Gandy Bridge
Gandy Bridge Closure
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I'd like to know why the Gandy Bridge (Friendship Trail) is not open. Articles I've ready say it's because there is debris falling from underneath the bridge, however boats are still allowed to go underneath it. Both of the Sunshine Skyway fishing piers are also posted with signs that people need to be cautious for falling debris; and yet they still allow cars and trucks to drive the full span of those structures. The Gandy Bridge doesn't allow vehicular traffic, other than the park ranger's one vehicle to pick up trash. How can the Gandy Bridge be more dangerous than the Sunshine Skyway fishing piers, when 99% of the time, it is occupied only by pedestrians, bicyclist, skaters??? This bridge is a safe and serene place to go exercise, and I feel it has been taken away from the public without sufficient cause or justification.