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Here I am! over here!


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HI James and Blog, the comedic relief has returned!

:::handing James a towel and an nice cold beer as compensation:::

yeah, I agree about the Holocene appearance, timing and length being very interesting. He wanted us around for some reason...and I don't think His purpose has anything to do with our petty concerns which gives me great hope. Seeing this has changed how I look at the world in a profound way.

I have another concerned question. It ties into the strange conjunction of prophecy (mayan, bible etc, cayce, nostradamus,shipford etc), earthquake frequency/intensity increases, increased gamma ray detection, wild weather, impending galactic alignment, astronomical observation, precession,glacier behavior, mythology, even the story of Noah, to some extent.

Does anyone know anything relevant about galactic core explosions?
I understand the concept and know about the four degrees of such explosions. I know about evidence in the ice cores of past explosions and the correlation of that evidence to certain established facts about extinction events, ice ages etc. I'm not looking for remedial info here.

I want to know if there's any way to predict the intensity of the NEXT explosion, the effects of it on the sun, the likely hood that this will occur close to or on the prophesied date of 12/12/'12
I am currently sitting in front of 25lbs of books on the topic. I will eventually suss out the facts and important data but I'm wildly interested if anyone has already done so?

Blog, you posted a link to a video about 2012 that led me to interview with Paul LaViolette....I need to find it again. It was TRUTH and it was IMPORTANT.

James, you said something elsewhere about crust displacement. I said I first heard of this through Graham Hancock. I've been tearing through that book, Fingerprints of the Gods, again and seeing it in a new light. I need to know more about crust displacement. What causes it. How fast or slow does it occur. Etc.

I don't think God is about to destroy us but I do see a lot of evidence that He maybe about to "put us in our place" so to speak. I want to get ahead of the curve on this and I don't think there's much time left to do that.

anyone want to go down this road with me?
I'll bring the cookies beverages....

freedom is everything and diversity is Divine
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Okay, I found the link
here it is

that's's multiple parts. I recommend all of them.

I have his books coming to me from the state university but it will be two weeks. I'm just so damn interested in this

ARGH! I wish we were all sitting in the same room so I could pester the both of you!

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Okay, here's what I've learned so far

GCE (galactic core explosions)relate to major climate changes in the following way:

the initial explosion produces a massive wave of cosmic radiation composed of protons, electrons and neutrons. The heavier particles, protons, are caught by the maze of perpendicular stellar magnetic fields that make up the structure of the galaxy but the electrons radiate outward on very clear spoke on a wheel in the direction of the outer ecliptic (I don't yet have confirmation of the existence of these paths but I am working on it)

the electrons are followed by a vast cloud of cosmic dust. This dust obscures the visual image of the center of our galaxy otherwise it would be the brightest star in the sky except for the sun and may even be visible during daylight hours in places. Hubble has taken pictures of many waves of dust radiating outward from the center of the galaxy. THis proves the GCE is occurring at regular intervals and much faster than previously believed, at a rate of 10k to 100k years rather than millions or billions.

the important thing to realize is, if the core has an explosion, we will almost immediately see the effects of the electrons, they move at nearly the speed of light, so 23 years from the explosion... but the dust is much slower, we may be about to get hit with dust...I'm searching for the data on that now

the electrons arrive in our solar system as EM pulse followed and a wave of gravity.

The Em pulse disturbs the magnetic fields of both the sun and earth and may cause polar shifts in both. (this is not proven but shifts are regular occurrences on earth, this may explain why)

the gravity wave causes tectonic shift, volcanoes, earthquakes, the rising and sinking of otherwise stable land, tsunamis etc

then there is a pause and things stabilize in the short term
when the cosmic dust and wind arrives, it sweeps through the Kuiper belt and disturbs its contents towards the sun.

this begins a torrent of space objects like comets and asteroids to begin falling toward and around the sun. Some of these sling shot around the sun and head for the planets. The millions of craters on the moon are evidence NOT of ancient strikes, but of continuous showers of Kuiper Belt debris pushed by these cosmic waves of wind and dust.
certain inner planets, Venus in particular, appear to be 'smoking' during this phase. There are many legends and myths that describe Venus as the smoking planet.

the dust is the really bad part for us. It occludes the light of the sun and moon and other stars and planets. as it spreads outward along the solar ecliptic, it reflects back sunlight and warms the solar system. The shrouding of the sun changes the frequency of solar radiation from uv to infrared (light to heat)

When this happens the temperatures of our atmosphere and ground invert. The air warms while the ground cools. This affects glaciation and plant life. Plants (including plankton) will die as the uv decreases.
the effects are worse at the higher latitudes (north pole, unless a pole shift occurs during the EM/gravity phase,if that occurs then south, new north, pole)

the three glacial effects possible are:
1. increased glaciation
2. decreased glaciation
3. massive melting of existing ice

the dust also excites the sun increasing its radiant output and thus the infrared heating
the disturbance of the Kuiper Belt and the arrival of cosmic dust may also correspond to an increase in solar flares (if they are really impacts of celestial bodies on the sun rather than internal explosions or disturbances in the fission process, this is NOT proven)

this is just part of what I've researched but I have more.

the core doesn't operate like a firecracker, it's more like a consistent, constant volcano that sometimes explodes but most of the time simply pumps magma (electrons, dust, wind) out so we are being constantly bombarded by this stuff.
several years ago we experienced a cosmic em burst that caused blackouts up and down the eastern seaboard. We are currently experiencing increased earthquakes, land rising and falling especially in the pacific along the ring of fire...

the dust may be coming...but it may be the dust from a more chronologically distant explosion. We need to discuss this. I'm not fear mongering...I really want to talk about this.

please, is anyone interested in this?

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Big boom
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Yes, to say the least

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Dawn .
I will have to read this book to see if It explains how these Paciderms could be flash frozen while feasting on tropical grass. They certainly were not grazing at the foot of a Glacier,
An "explosion" under the crust of the earth fits very well into my thesis of an internal collision between the core and the underside of the crust. the animals would most certainly have been asphyxiated by the results of such a collision.The "findings of an autopsy", seeking the cause of death would most certainly be of interest.
A life supporting atmosphere would have been totally destroyed and remained so for possibly thousands of years. There would have been few areas which were survivable,
There have been a number of mass extinctions recorded in the crust of the earth, each one, co-incident with
a mass extinction and magnetic reversal. (anomaly)
At such times the pressure composition and density of the atmosphere, would be very much higher, after such an upheaval. The magnetic pulse from such a collision would certainly leave its mark The core after all is a huge spinning magnet. These facts also fit some of your descriptions by laviolette.
This extinction took place in a matter of hours not years.The ground on which they stood was moved from an equatorial region, to a polar region very rapidly. and is still there to this day.

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yes, you theory works IF the earth wasn't experiencing a period of GRADUAL warming before event that caused catastrophic warming and as far as I know, the mammoths didn't have TROPICAL grasses in their mouths and stomachs but things like buttercups and daisies both of which can grow in very cool climates, the kind you find around glaciers in temperate zones.

LaViolette theorizes that a CME (coronal mass ejection) precipitated a MASSIVE melting event...a flood...while at the same time triggering a world wide fire storm where the glaciers did not exist evidenced in the Usselo Horizon.
The CME followed a period of time when the gradual invasion of cosmic dust enshrouded the sun and changed its radiant output from UV to infrared, which accounts for animal species moving north, following the type of vegetation which preferred the cooler climate that the Wisconsin Ice had made possible at lower lats.Tropical vegetation does not support massive animals of the type that existed in the Pleistocene. Even modern jungle dwelling elephants are much smaller than those who have access to more temperate types of vegetation. Moving up to the areas at the bases of glaciers killed off most of these large animals. The few that remained were probably hunted to extinction by humans as they tried to survive the horrid conditions of the early Younger Dryas.

Land areas that did not then have glaciation still have large animals like elephants and lions but in the areas that had heavy glaciation during the Wisconsin, no elephants, no lions exist today. This is because the large prey and predators had moved so far north, up to the base of these glaciers that the melting event and resulting soliton type wave of melt water coming OFF the glacier, killed them.

The rapid onset of the Younger Dryas froze the corpses in the most northly lats while in lower lats (like Ohio River Valley) we find bone beds in which the drowned, crushed corpses rotted out before freezing. The fact that these bone beds contain not just large animals but many species of smaller ones, down to small rodents, points to a massive, all encompassing event from which none escaped.

If this event was a crust displacement, what accounts for the stable land structures that existed then and still exist today?

If the last global catastrophe looked the way the movie 2012 looks, which calls for crust displacement as the cause, why were the bone beds in Alaska not swept out to sea when the sea shifted in its bed? Where is the evidence of massive sea bed shifting which MUST occur if the entire crust moves?

I still don't think a mag pole shift requires crust displacement. If the crust of the earth WERE to displace, surely geologically old things like the Himalayas and grand canyon would be...disturbed... some how. Things like the Yellow stone caldera would have a geological record of movement such as exhibited by chain islands like Hawaii that are formed as the plate moves over a volcanic hotpot and it doesn't. There is no evidence in the geological records of such a massive disturbance. There MUST be another explanation and the explosion of the galactic core is one that fits all available evidence


ps...he has a few the one I reccomend for THIS topic is Earth Under Fire.. .I'm currently reading Beyond the Big Bang which is where I got the gravity equation idea. All of LaViolette is based on steady state theories proposed by Fred Hoyle. I think Hoyle got it part right but missed the idea of black holes as information conversion engines rather than simple destructive forces.

God...I'm a geek.
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The theory you are supporting sounds like a "ONE OFF" Did this catastrophe happen more than once?
As you are aware , the "change of state" from ice to water or water to Ice requires considerably more energy than raising or lowering "their" respective temperatures. In order to melt a glacier, to turn it into a FLOW OF MELTED WATER IN THE WAY YOU DESCRIBE, the temperature surrounding the glacier would have to be raised many thousands of degrees. This would certainly cremate anything in its vicinity.It would take centuries to melt a glacier in a livable atmosphere.
The first mammoth I read about was discovered "many years ago", the contents of its digestive tract was tropical, like BANANA LEAVES. This recent mammoth was obviously still on BABY FOOD.

The idea that Herbivores could live without "vegetation"! as you well know, this stuff will not grow on infra red light, it requires plenty of ultra violet.This would be a fast starvation death sentence. not providing enough time for a migration to fresh pastures.
I do not subscribe to a universal pole/ equator exchange. just certain areas. Some areas would be hardly touched while others would be devastated. this notion allows for a certain continuum of the species.
I have always thought the outer surface of the planet may have been spinning considerably faster during the age of the Dinosaurs. primarily because during that time giant insects were prevalent. It has been shown limits apply to the size of such organisms due to weight. A faster spinning planet would have relieved considerable weight from the surface dwellers. The sudden "slow down" of the surface of the planet would ultimately prevent these creatures ever evolving to their original size.
The catastrophe causing the loss of our dinosaurs was some what different. perhaps some one can explain why the dinosaur "record" never wound down to Floyde my cold blooded Iguana?
This catastrophe too, could have been caused by the mechanism I describe.
A possible cause of a mass grave containing various species could possibly be a sever drought where animals perished through lack of water. caused by the distortion of the crust. their favorite water hole dried up over night, remaining so forever.

This theory is as good as the next. and as you are "the writer" perhaps you can enlarge upon it.
You have read and put forward other peoples "theories" but I would like you to demolish all I have written.
Lets make a list.

Why did the South America cool first?

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okay, My printer isn't working at the moment so I can't print your last post and respond to it point by point but let me try to respond to the largest points...

Q:The theory you are supporting sounds like a "ONE OFF" Did this catastrophe happen more than once?

A: yes, this type of event seems to have happened before and there is evidence it will happen again, perhaps very soon

although I am discussing this event as it seems to have occurred at the end of the Pleistocene, there is evidence it happened somewhere around the KT boundary as well, perhaps a REALLY violent episode at the end of the Permian. But, I have only studied recorded evidence for the Pleistocene, so that's what I refer to.

the evidence for an incursion of cosmic dust and gas is found in the geological and ice core records as a high level of iridium and gold as well as other elements more common to space than earth. These findings have always been put down as remnants of celestial bodies striking the planet (asteroid and comet impacts) This new theory challenges that one. While there is no doubt that large impact events have occurred and were devastating to the biosphere, the theory that such impacts can 'wipeout' entire populations (land and sea) that are not already stressed is thin at best and, from what I can find, based more on supposition and conjecture than facts.

in short, these extinction events were caused by something much larger than celestial object strikes despite the fact that such strikes did happen (and they did, I am not saying they didn't)

S:the "change of state" from ice to water or water to Ice requires considerably more energy than raising or lowering "their" respective temperatures. In order to melt a glacier, to turn it into a FLOW OF MELTED WATER IN THE WAY YOU DESCRIBE, the temperature surrounding the glacier would have to be raised many thousands of degrees. This would certainly cremate anything in its vicinity.It would take centuries to melt a glacier in a livable atmosphere.

R: The rise in temps during a cosmic dust incursion/enshroudment of the sun comes from the change in radiant frequency output of the sun as well as reflected radiance as the dust/gas cloud moves through the solar system (think solar warming vs global warming)

the sun becomes excited as the dust envelopes it and increases its activity (solar flares and spots, coronal mass ejections)
as this wave moves toward us along the ecliptic, it enshrouds other planets. This would make Venus look like it was smoking and accounts for the legends and myths that describe Venus as a smoking planet.

once the dust moves PAST us, then it begins to reflect back the radiant energy of the sun so now the earth is being bombarded by high infrared FROM the sun and infrared/uv reflected BACK at us from the dust.

this causes TEMPERATURE inversion of the global climate. The troposphere becomes warm and the ground cools. THink of how fast ice melts as warm air blows over it, You don't need thousands of degrees to melt water, all you need is warm air and friction (wind)

the soliton wave structures are not caused by massive melting such as you describe, it is caused by the pooling of melt water in crack and crevices along the surface and slightly beneath the surface of the glaciers. I'm not saying the glaciers melted so fast that the melt water formed a massive wave that killed everything, I'm saying that the melting pooled into large ice locked lakes then burst their barriers and rushed toward the sea along the ice. This doesn't require thousands of degrees and would be most noticeable at higher lats which receive more energy from the sun because of axial tilt.

there is evidence of temps fluctuating by as much as 23 degrees in places. Such a fluctuation at the equator would indeed kill plant and animals and such a fluctuation would allow for tropical plant life at much higher lats. (banana leaves)

while I think some of this happened very very quickly, the warming period (as recorded during the Pleistocene) seems to have been gradual, then peaked then the cooling event was abrupt and non cyclical.

Q:Why did the South America cool first?
A: the southern lats receive much less solar radiation due to axial tilt there fore, during a warming event driven by the sun, the warming at lower lats would be less in both top temps and speed of rising. During cooling events, it would happen earlier and faster.

If Antarctica were located in the north, the current temperature layering of the troposphere and ground (warm ground cool air) would almost certainly result in something like Greenland or Iceland.
If mag pole displacement involves physically shifting of the planet, maybe Antarctica will BE at the north pole next. I don't think if this occurs it will be the result of the crust sliding around, it will be the result of the whole planet flipping over like a ball and I don't think the gravitic model of a top heavy sphere will allow Antarctica to remain 'on top' so to speak.

the heaviest part of the world will always be at the bottom, the way weighted dice always land heavy side down.

I still haven't heard of any reference to sea bed movement and you didn't respond to my question about why there is no change in the location of super caldera volcanos if the crust has shifted at some point in the past

Your idea that the core of the planet was spinning faster during the age of the dinosaurs based on larger insects is off. Larger insect life occurred during times of greater oxygen content in the atmosphere. Insect size is related to the way they breath and how their lungs are articulated through their legs, limiting the size of the organs. During higher oxygen periods, insects can breath easier through theses limits than in periods of low oxygen. The limiting factor is the exoskeletal structure in the joints.

If the core was spinning faster during the age of dinosaurs, we would see evidence of that in the bone structures. Higher core spin equals higher gravity equals SMALLER animals and little or no development of flight.
perhaps an increase of core speed led to the DECLINE of the dinos but it certainly didn't invite their rise and longevity.

As for your iguana, it is a lizard not a dino. dinos and lizards are cousins but not the same species at all. first of all, lizards are cold blooded and the best evidence we have seems to indicate that dinos were warm blooded to some large degree.(there are degrees of warmbloodedness) Dinos are unique on the evolutionary tree and, though I know there is SOME modern counterpart to them (I think, I'm not sure...maybe in fish or sharks)your iguana is NOT it.


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I am sorry to hear of your printer being on the blink. The material "DUST" Iridium, gold and other exotic stuff found in the core samples referencing the magnetic reversal we speak of need not necessarily be "interstellar" but could easily have been spewed out of the earth's "under crust" when fracturing occurred during the supposed collisions I refer to. Just because these elements are rare at the surface of our planet does not mean they are not abundantly available on the "under crust".
There would have been a great deal of such stuff thrown up into the atmosphere at one of these underground collisions which would probably cause the heat and following decades of winters you speak of.
They are digging out gold two miles down as we speak.
The reasons for large creatures with exoskeletons existing in the earths present gravity, above a certain body weight, has nothing to do with their ventilation system.
Their joints would not work above a certain body weight,
If the "crust" of the earth were rotating "faster" they would weigh LESS not more, and therefore, any survivors could have maintained their original size. As it is their complete demise has never been satisfactorily explained (until now)
If the earth's "crust rotation" sped up you could extend your life by a lot more rotations,"years".
faster and we could become weight less. such are the laws of centrifugal force.
I am well aware Floyde is cold blooded, but he has a very Dinosaur look about him, he is more related to a bird than a dinosaur, but warm blooded dinosaurs are a recent hypothesis?
Another observation which supports my theory that the earths crust can be slid around in any direction on the liquid on which it floats, urged by any collision, external or internal, is the fact there is a discrepancy in the "make up" of the polar caps.One has a continent beneath the ice, the other an Ocean.
The earths crust is changing its shape under the influence of centrifugal force, mainly.the moon, and has had ample time within which to get it's continents "BALLENCED" The heavy stuff moves to the outer periphery. This has not been the case.
There will be oil found in the ant arctic as has been in the arctic. These areas have experienced equatorial sunshine. and some day, may do so again.
The most likely cause of an internal GEO collision, would be an alinement of the major planets together with the moon and the sun, This will cause a Neap tide not only of the oceans but that which lays below them, distorting the crust where sufficient imbalance occurs for a collision to occur. The ancients had this stuff all worked out Astrologically, and could "for see" the likely hood of such a heaven sent event, and included it in their cultural calendars. I thought we had one quite recently, but it must have been a minor culture.

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It will take me a while to track down the references you require. I am heavily involved in another project but I promise I will get back to you on how the structure of insect lungs relates to size via the joints in their legs and oxygen content of the breathable atmosphere. I actually saw that on either natgeo or discovery channel so the refs are not 'at my fingertips'. I assure you however, I am correct.

as for iridium and gold being part of the earth and, from what I can tell, you think that impact events gouged out a large chunk of subsurface elements, scattered them into the atmosphere via the resultant explosive event which then redistributed these elements across the globe in sufficient quantities to register in the geological and ice core records...

you are en engineer? can you give me any kind of energy requirements for such an occurrence? How large an impact are we talking about? One as large as the Yucatan Peninsula impact? Larger?
recall, the event I am describing occurred during the Pleistocene, not the KT event which I think was a combination of both cosmic dust/gas shrouding of the sun, solar flare increase, a possible CME, changes in the radiant frequency of solar light and asteroid impact.The KT asteroid came not from the Mars/Jupiter belt but from the Kuiper Belt and was blown into the system by a blast of 'galactic wind' caused by the core event. this wind behaves much as solar wind does and normally the sun protects us from it but, if the galaxy is aligned in a certain way, the stuff coming from the galactic core can hit us and nullify the protection of both the sun's mag field and its gravity well which normally catches the bulk of this stuff

there is no evidence of such a large impact event in the Pleistocene yet there is plenty of iridium and gold and other elements in the ice core records. If the dust was thick, then it had to come from somewhere, right? It came from came from the core

the large effects of core events on earth are cyclical and seem to correspond to a cycle of alignments recorded most famously by the mayan long count calendar. the events this record infers happen when this solar system lines up in a specific way with the core. other smaller events, such as the recent influx of EM energy that caused a blackout on the eastern seaboard are far more common and often attributed to solar activity. They ARE because of solar activity but the sun is reacting to core events happening during an un-aligned phase and so the sun can protect us from the worst effects caused by the core, so THAT is the picture we must focus on.

galactic core events rule the sun, the sun rules global climate
I KNOW you will not argue against that how ever, part of the misunderstanding about glaciation, and extinction is our inability to recognize that these major things are also controlled by, at the heart of it, galactic core events.

yes, there have been impacts and yes they are devastating but the impacts themselves are the result of drastic changes in the solar system, the incursion of neutron driven gravity waves that hit the Kuiper belt and push stuff toward us. When these things are big enough to counter act the protective shield of our star, the planets are under fire, so to speak.

the reason I'm so interested in this is because, as you know, the alignment approaches and it behooves us to know what is coming on a global scale.

perhaps I cannot convince you but I beg you, READ THE BOOK

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Dawn ,
My prospective of the global changes that accompany magnetic "reversal" are similar in many ways to that which you describe as being caused by a galactic core explosion.
I see the earths crust as a fragile skin floating on a molten liquid. being as sensitive as surface pond weed is to the movement of that which supports it. in the event of a stone "asteroid" splashing into the surface its integrity is ruptured with cracks and fissures in all directions. This would be a minor occurrence compared to
the collisions of mountains beneath the crust. Envision a mountain the size of Mount Everest made of iron
crashing into a downward facing mountain the size of the Matahorn. We know of the irregular topography of the crust. the underside will be just as irregular but probably more rounded. this also applies to the core,
When the two meet, they will probably "Ride" over each other which will certainly have equal horizontal as well as vertical displacing effects. lifting as well as sliding sections of the crust in different direction.
All of which will be accompanied by the release of magma, gasses and steam exterminating any thing in its vicinity, The resulting clouds of gasses and dust will contain all the elements the earth possesses many of which will come from deep within the planet.
I have suggested the heavier elements might be more abundant deeper within the earth, and if so, they would be vaporized and released into the atmosphere. causing winter conditions which would last for centuries.
The core samples at magnetic reversals show this evidence.
Regarding "COSMIC" dust . it is estimated at least 100,000 tons of the stuff arrives in our atmosphere and settles on the planet every year without making any noise.
I cant get to excited about what might befall this planet, and adopt the attitude in Wily Nelson's song.
"there aint nothing I can do about it now"
I am more concerned with, The loss of electricity in my life" If we have air to breath we can make most anything else with electricity.

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yes, we are actually arguing semantics rather than sides of this issue...but its more stimulating that a gerbil on a string!!! LOL

I understand your concept, I disagree that's how things work, I think mag shifts and tectonic shifts have WAY more to do with stuff coming from the core than with asteroid impacts. In fact, I think asteroid impacts have a lot to do with stuff coming from the core...but that's not important.

I regards to electricity, truthfully, if my theory about core events is correct, the em wave about to hit us is going to do far more damage to the production and distribution of electricity on this planet than all the communists in all the world could EVER do.

and there's not a damn thing we can do about it except prepare. As to preparations, I have recently purchased a good sized diesel you know where I can find high quality, easily understood, instructions on how to convert it to wood gas or bio-fuel (veg. oil)?

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Dawn ,
Sfunny you should mention that. "Gasification to electricity". check out the archives in one of the groups I ponder.

Gasification mailing list

I have been monitoring this site for years and some times add my two pennyworth.
It is a source of ideas for what we seek in the way of independence from the grid.
These gasified fuels can augment the Diesel requirement of your engine.
A diesel uses compression ignition, with adjustments to the fuel pump, it can successfully run on natural gas, or other gasified fuels ,needing only a token amount of diesel oil for providing "ignition".
Members of this group have "modified diesel engines" to run entirely on the gas they produce, with the installation of spark plugs.
This exercise is worth while in so far as a diesel will out last a gasoline engine by virtue of it;s construction.
What worries me is the "lubrication oil" and how to make it and with what?
I guess you could hook up a 50 gallon drum with a few filters and it could last for years?
At present I am working on a system for converting CO 2 into methane, with the possible production of liquid fuel such as Methanol. this process was pioneered about a century ago by Sabatire, a french chemist.
Being an "inorganic chemist", he astounded his peers by producing a gas which hither to, was organicly derived. This was much to the chagrin of budding oil companies of the period.
He went on to formulate practically any thing the oil companies could get out of the ground in his laboratory.
The combinations of carbon, hydrogen and other elements seemed end less. He went on to state, in so many words: that "if he could produce these compounds. then The planet could be doing exactly the same thing on a grander scale". In fact some Russian researchers have claimed that some of the depleted oil fields are "filling back up"
There is something I really liked about the Victorians, They had a mind set to build things that lasted at least a century or more. You really need to see some of the pumping engines and houses they built, which are still in use in London. Like internally tiled cathedrals. you can see me here:

standing on my favorite pump. which used to run on producer gas.

Now stuff hardly last's ten minutes. I guess this was learned by the warmongers, The expected life of a combat Jeep was about thirty minutes ,A mustang fighter was 24 minutes, much the same as a front line soldier.The point I am making is: the life expectancy of the stuff we consume is inversely proportional to the greed of the providers.
That goes for beer too.

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I hadn't considered the problem of lubrication. Food for thought. I suppose I could try to secure a supply of old oil...but I wonder if there's anything else out there worth considering... Anyway, the generator is really a stop gap thing, hopefully I will be able to find a more permanent situation close to some kind of major league generator like water. I'm also considering battery technology as a way to power things. While refrigeration will require stable electric power and is a major concern, other things like lights and tools can be powered with heavy batteries as long as I can recharge.

my investigation into steady state theory and a readjustment of how I think about gravity also leads me towards considering some new kind of gravity machine. I don't have the engineering background required to invent something like this but I do have a friend with one. So far it's all drawings and theory. The major problem I'm encountering is the build up of kinetic energy and how to keep the cycle going. Of course water is the obvious answer but I wonder if there's something else, some other way...the idea eludes me better than a shy girl eludes a boy friend's explorations.

I guess I'm another lunatic off in search of the grail.
at least I'm entertained.

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Years ago I read of the efforts of some engineers who were charged with providing energy for a mining complex in the upper peninsular of Michigan, Compressed air was chosen as the medium, because it was reasonably safe to use in a mining environment. easy to distribute and could drive most mechanical equipment.
With a good supply of compressed air, one could live the good life.

All they had as a means of obtaining their goal, was a small stream, with a fall of about 25 ft over 1/4 mile.
They captured the energy of this stream. and obtained 1,000,000,000 cubic ft of compressed air @ 100psi
per hour. 24 x 7. The "system" they designed possessed NO moving parts, no spindles belts, shafts, wheels turbines or blades it needed no lubrication. the compressed air produced was clean and dry.
I will let you think on this till next time.

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You have my undivided attention. Please, go on...

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They sunk a 6 ft diameter shaft down 300 ft, ( well these guys were miners) and tunneled parallel to the river
a horizontal shaft of the same diameter for a 1/4 of a mile, then accessed it with a second shaft leading to the surface. They did not "divert the entire river" down a hole and bring it back up again, just a proportion of it,
The principle was simple, you allow lots of water to plunge down a hole travel along under ground and then bring it up and put it back into the river, the clever bit is adding air in the form of bubbles to the water that goes down the hole, these entrained bubbles get compressed the further they are carried down until the reach a depth of 300 ft,This being equal to about 100 psi.
The bubbles are carried along the 1/4 mile stretch and migrate to the roof of the tunnel.
The mining engineers thoughtfully put a "catchment" dome in the roof of the tunnel, just prior the point where the water was conducted back up to the surface via the second shaft where it was reunited with the river.
The harvested air which collected in the dome, was conducted to the surface via an 18"steel pipe.
The admission of bubbles to the water down flow was accomplished using a large bundle of 1/2" diameter copper tubes.
You may think this type of contraption belongs to the 19th century, check out TROMPE. which describes the invention.
There is a Canadian company making a real killing on this design.
If you had a property with a flowing creek, there would be no need to do much digging in order to achieve a scaled down Trompe system for providing your energy needs. You just need to drive a decent well near the creek.

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absolutely brilliant! Think of what a river like the nile or Amazon (god, just THINK of the amazon) could generate...think of the mississippi or the colorado. I bet there are ways to modify this to use many types of water, not just running water...
wate, be its nature, moves and its heavy which means it has a high gravity index (made up term in my own little mind)so it will always flow down at the fastest speed possible without additional energy input...all you need is a hole, a pipe, air and a way for the water to enter and exit the system...

compressed air cars...I mean, if you could generate enough pressure and keep it in the system, filling tanks wouldn't be hard and no more nasty oil spills....safer than natural gas...I'm not eager to be driving around with a tank of natural gas strapped to my ass, or the ass of anyone else on the road with me, let me tell you


that idea sounds lie a bad fart joke to me

but, the compressed air thing, that is so pretty I have to squint while I type!
wow GF
How do I support this thing? where is it being implemented? who knows about this? has this concept been funded at all? what universities people....are involved?

I want ON to this band wagon!

think of what it would mean to Africa if they could get all the power the required from their rivers, lakes and oceans without having to damn them up and thus kill off everything that needs the water downstream!
of course, this is too simple, to reasonable...someone will come along and kill it

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I have thought up an addition to this device which eliminates the requirement of tunneling parallel to the river and having to sink a second hole.
But first I will tell you of a project I attempted when I lived in the Dagenaham area where geological survey showed the strata beneath my property had promise of providing me with an in exhaustible supply of compressed air.
There was a 10 ft layer of clay, beneath which lay a 25 ft layer of gravel resting on an impervious layer of blue clay some 250 ft thick. below which was the porous London chalk.
There were two water tables below my garden, The gravel bed which was hundreds of square miles in all directions was fully charged with ground water. 250 ft lower down was another water table known as the deep aquifer. when first discovered, this water table produced "artesian" water supplies. but over the years so many wells had been tapped into this, the supply level had dropped hundreds of feet. in fact ,so much water had been extracted that recharge wells were being constructed.
My plan was to contribute in my small way, by helping to recharge this great aquifer with a small 6" well.
Having studied the afore mentioned water/air compressing methods and the treatise on well boring technology. It would be simple to pour ground water down my well and into the chalk. and at the same time add bubbles of air to the descending column where it would be separated at the bottom of the soak hole and brought back to the surface in a 3/4" steel pipe as compressed air at 40 cfm 85 psi Probably about
9 or 10 kW of energy. 24 X 7.
I dutifully applied to the Essex Water Authority, out lining my plan thinking the idea had merit. I was summoned to the headquarters for an interview.. "So you are the man planning to contaminate our drinking water supply" "Not at all" I replied. "The water under your place is not 300 ft from the Ravensbourn which is a contaminated brook" "I would monitor any water I allowed to go down the hole" I replied.
"HOW ,we spend hundreds of thousands on water testing equipment" Well I was going to get a few live trout from the river Avon to swim in my pre discharge tube, they swim even when they sleep you know, and when one of them sercomes to the "contaminated Ravonsbourn" It will stop swimming and hit the shut down switch"
I was forbidden to pursue my idea further.
The use of water, even when it flows at only a very slow pace can be made to give up enormous energy.
The Montgolfier Ram is a neglected invention. There are few limitations as to how powerful they could be.
A few of these dropped off the east coast into the gulf stream could provide a continuous supply of high pressure water piped ashore to run generators. at the same time they would provide a concrete reef.
There is nothing simpler than a pipe with a flap valve at one end. If they used as much concrete to make Montgolfier Rams as they used on the Grand Coolie dam The eastern seaboard of the USA would have all the electricity it needed.

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I don't know what to say. This is simple, elegant and uses gravity which I have been CERTAIN was the answer to energy production. Water is the ultimate expression of cannot be compressed or exploded, it moves constantly, it will always seek the lowest level. It requires no energy input to create output...a perfect infinity machine. Think of the output of the largest hydroelectric damns...and this method could use the makes so much sense

I don't know what to do now. Has this been published? Have powerful people been made aware of this? Where can I see this concept made into reality?

I'm so excited I can barely think!

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Its not much use looking for influential people to champion free energy, as they are part of the energy problem. N, Tesla ran into this problem with Edison and Morgan when he proposed tapping the natural energy surrounding us. GEET and the like.
It must be remembered that before the industrial revolution, which took place at IRON BRIDGE, water and wind were the only mechanical means with which to provide the needs of the expanding population. When STEAM was first used it diverted mechanical engineering into a completely new direction, development of wind and water driven systems were all but abandoned.The burning of fuel became the rage and still is.
Many folks must have enough horse power under their right foot. to equal the power requirements of a medium sized factory in China.
Your comments, regarding the third world and their lack of power got me to thinking, They have not completed or even started the energy "metamorphosis" which the western world experienced.
It may be a surprise for many to learn , that the Chines were "drilling wells" to a depth of 2000 ft. 1600 years ago, They used a rope and jar type system, similar to that used by the early oil well drilling here in the USA.
It would not be difficult to teach these methods to artisans in under developed countries. Baking bricks in shapes to form a ring, then stacked one course upon another then digging the earth inside the ring till it sinks under it's combined weight is a classic way of manually digging a well. Sinking wells along side a river might sound harder to do, but the river could be used to help produce the energy required for the task.
I can visualize a string of "Power Wells" stretching the entire length of the Great Green Greasy LimPoPo River on both sides.

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see, that's the way to do this. We have to find a place where they are too poor and desperate to legislate against this then drop a pipe and prove its worth!You know, the green movemnt can help with this, if we get the right ones working with us...there's a lot of well intentioned people out there who would LOVE an idea like this.


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This sounds very much like HAITI.
Convincing the holders of the Purse strings, That installing power systems which can run for eternity with out fuel, provides work for the unskilled. reduces the destruction of the environment namely (charcoal production) which is turning the country into a Desert, has some merit.

This would be an ideal place for a pilot plant.

Take a look at RAGGED CHUTE. which has been running non stop for 100 years. It is now the ONLY working sytem left
in the world.

With modern technology and a few modification ,this system could be installed to suit villages towns as well as industrial undertakings.
The basic requirement is a pipe drawing facility, I am certain there are one or two State Side who would move there with the right incentive.
With limited modification old car engines can be made to run on compressed air. Old AC voltage electric motors can be turned into Alternators. I can see small industries sprouting up, as I type.

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you know, a lot of these go green movie stars are still involved in Haiti...maybe one of them would be interested in putting something like this together...
six degrees of separation, let me think...who do I know...

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I think a few articulate educated Haitian Patriots should be exposed to this idea, only people with innovation in their bones and the gift of recognizing the novelty of such a mechanism, should be approached for their approval. "then" go seek some financial backing.

All thermally generated power which also includes Nuclear, is only about 30% efficient.
This device is at least 85% efficient.

Haiti already possesses a hydro electric facility powered by a dam. This facility has fallen into disrepair and barely produces a third of it's design capacity due to neglect and lack of maintenance.
So before throwing money at such a project finding some "educated Haitian Patriots" should be the priority
in order to make up a working group. Papa Dock would have known what to do. I think he got the dam built
Unfortunately , Africa is also going to turn into a giant Haiti unless the Chinese colonize the place.

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Q:Why did the South America cool first?

You are correct about this. It is the same as we theorized. Addition every black hole enters on to the Symmetrical geometric south- tropic of capricorn

>>>Higher core spin equals higher gravity equals SMALLER animals and little or no development of flight.

You are correct about this. Giants where men before noted in excavations sites in Tonga 14' ft men- Tuitatui etc. We are people of this Gravity. We believe at the end of a galactical era things- all life form are to restored. Such cycle is what most cultures teach and lived for.
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Look at the galactic core if there were explosions in the last billion years or so you would see the dust cloud from it. You dont see it like drag mater and drak energy its not there. The black hole at the galactic core makes the dust for star formation at a fairly consent rate. Yes I said that black hole bleed of the mater the stars come from. I wish I had the money to prove the biggest hole in the big bang theory and kick the age of the universe up to the right age.