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Fort Polk Nam Era
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Date: Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 10:29 AM
I have searched heavily on posts from
internet and find many many post about the Chemicals used in
Ft Polk and have found so many soldiers that are sick from
like symptoms of illnesses similar to each other. I have
found many different chemicals that were used and all are
cousins or similar to Agent Orange. I believe we are all
searching for the wrong chemical. I believe it will be the
chemicals that are blue agent, red agents ect along with
dioxin. Please call me and lets see what and how many 1970
171 and back in the 60 to help research this. My husband was there 1971-19972 and has died from Diabetes II, Cancer,
Heart Disease, ED, Hypertension, Congestive Heart Failure
ect. But actual death was cancer of liver, lungs, colon,
panacres, Took him within 7 weeks April 21,2016. I/We have
fought this since 2007 and they just let my husband die
without any treatments. I have seen many articles about agencies that ran test and found many different chemicals. NOW we all need to ban together. I am willing to take the evidence we can gather and go national news as well as Washington DC with proof. Come on NAM vets and Nam Era vets its time we ban together and get the help we deserve. NO MORE service men should die from a war over 40 years old.
> Paula Aaron 832-773-4814