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Geometry of Light

The Sixth Regular Solid

Abstract: This proposal would update the wave/particle theory of light to say that light is a regular solid with spin ability, flexibility, and conforms to a modified version of Euler's rule. The Trion-Re’ shape creates a critical self-organizing system with three curved and equal sides that is proposed to be the structure of the oscillations of light. To account for the curvature of space this modification shifts the rules for a platonic solid making the trion-re the sixth such solid or regular polyhedron and a unique structure of space/time. Traditionally there are five Platonic Solids or regular polyhedra with congruent angles and equal, flat faces. However since the accelerating expansion of the universe suggests that all of space is curved we must modify the rule and include curved surfaces, in which case a new solid emerges more rudimentary than the tetrahedron. This solid has been named the Trion-Re’ by Michael R. Evans and is described as follows: two vertices, three edges, and three equal faces. If one of the faces of the Trion-Re’ is laid out flat it forms a sixty degree vesica familiarly seen in the ancient "flower-of-life" motif. This basic structure in 3-D can be used to generate new versions of the other five Platonic Solids and creates a self similar, self repeating system. It is hypothesized the Trion-Re’ is the most basic geometric structure, and possibly the shape of the individual particles of light which self-organizes to create matter. The following paper describes the Trion-Re and its properties.

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