Evolution in a Calorie Economy and its effects today
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Hominid evolution in a ‘Calorie Economy’
Early hominid’s needed to migrate from low calorie environments, as a result of spending time at one environment or as a result of seasonal change. The need to travel from low calorie environments to rich environments is obvious. To leave this process to late, especially if travelling great distance the calorie required and the calories available could result in peril. Left to their own decision processes, peril would win out, more the often.
A deep seated mechanism in the brain, evolved in much earlier times that observed subtle changes in the environment well before conscious reckoning, that created a low background anxiety, which applying a pressure to move on with sufficient time and calories at hand. Relief is only obtained after that part of the brain had experienced new improved that display a calorie improved environment.
Now that modern humans have settled down in fixed communities, this mechanism is still operates to some degree. It shaping our environments, for instance, an unmaintained garden can make one feel a little unsettled. While a well trimmed and pruned garden with short lawns suggests to that part of the brain that there are many small herbaceous animals about such as rabbits and deer etc, indicating a calorie rich environment, ahh the anxiety is off.
Our city landscapes are not so ‘bad-lands’ but feel more relaxed with how things have been organized. What makes a great artist and artwork is the subtle placement of key arrangements in the artwork, so that the viewer feels relaxed or relieved of pressure.