Dwarf planet
Dwarf Planets
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I disagree with the definition of what is a Planet and what is a Dwarf Planet To begin with what is a planet it states that it must clear its neighbouring region of Planetesimals well if that is the case then Jupiter is not a planet due the the Trogans that are in its orbit and all the planetesimals that revolve around it that people are calling them to be moons some are 50 meters or less. The same can be said of half the so called moons of Saturn and the rings of Saturn.The rings of Uranus and Neptune should also mean that they are not planets as well under the rules. Mars also has to be demoted as well as 4 trogans have been found near Mars. So that just leaves Mercury, Venus and Earth how stupid is that. They should get rid of that clause and in its place state that a Planet must be larger than the largest Moon in that Solar System . And for the Dwarf Planet insert that it is smaller than the largest moon in that solar System and is not a Planetesimal or proto Planet . That way when we start to learn about other Solar systems the clause does not need to be changed as it applies to ALL Solar Systems Also if they find a double Planet and both are about the same size and are larger than the largest moon in that Solar System then they are planets but if smaller they would be called a Double Dwarf planet Nexdt topic could be what is a moon and what is an Astroid