Donald Trump
Donald Trump critisizing United States on phone with Panama
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I was shocked and surprised how Donald Trump on
Panama's national television station, Telemetro;
had a conversation with a newscaster and stated
many negative things about how the United States
government mishandled the way in which the Canal
was turned over to Panama.
I know Mr. Trump is rich and famous in many peoples
eyes, but to me he is nothing but a money monger.
He kept praising Panama and its government on how
they handled the passing of the canal into their
hands, and how much he loved Panama, just sucking
up to the country.
I think it is because he just built a hotel , casino
here in Panama and to not cause any waves caved in
when question by newscaster here in Panama about
something he said in the States about the handover
of the Panama Canal, as he said The United States
gave over the Canal too easy, or something to that
effect. Well needless to say the word got out here
in Panama, and many Panamanians did not like his
So to save face he talked to a news station and
recanted his remarks to make it look as if Panama
did the right thing about the Canal and it was the
United States that screwed up.
How do I know this, well I live here and I heard
his phone conversation with the newscaster on
national television.
This just shows me Donald Trump will do anything to
protect his projects, even if it means to dimenor
the United States. What a shame.