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Kiyotake Kawaguchi

Kiyotake Kawaguchi

Does Kiyotake Kawaguchi have a connection to Ectogenesis?
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Kiyotake Kawaguchi discussion
I have just begun reading Brave New World for a summer reading project and it had this line in it, "Take Ectogenesis. Pfitzner and Kawaguchi had got the whole technique worked out." My question is whether this is a reference to Kiyotake Kawaguchi, because he was the only Kawaguchi that Wikipedia listed as having any political activity during the time period leading up to the publishing of Brave New World. However, according to his Wikipedia page, he seemed to be strictly military, so did he do some political writing to the side, or was he a scientist? I would appreciate any answers or leads as to where I could find some reliable primary (or secondary) resources, thanks much