Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Does Israel deserve credit for starting the conflict?
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Israeli-Palestinian conflict discussion
Does Israel deserve credit for starting the conflict?
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Yes, they were the ones who started this conflict.
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Actually no. That is not true they were instigated by the conquest of Arab nations. THey were taking back what was theirs.
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A people living in a place for more than 800 years is not enough time to consider that the territory belongs to that people? So let´s return America to the Indians! If something in that place belongs to jews, we must conclude that nothing belongs to anybody anymore.
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25 years was considered enough time to assume nationhood for 'palestini'; acc. to the court in The Hague.
Sudan is by the way called 'greater palestine'.
Scary given that millions died by being starved in 25 years in order to establish the islamo fascist goal of a Great Arabia. The UN ran from Sierra Leone to Sudan but declared those places too dangerous and now safely runs the UN special program in so called hotspot Palestine!
See Hamas charter and the old Palestina
charter to understand that I do not use the term islamo-fascism lightly. quote:palestinians are the vanguard of the greater arab nationstate...expendible to reach this priority.
The Oslo agreement regulates the two states -and trade etcetera with Jordan and Egypt- and it came to be because most early palestinians knew they had created a fiction in Mekka (Jordan) in 1956. No one stated that nothing could be build...gentlemens agreement for six months, to sort out the ABC terrirories.
The second intifadah was a one-sided orchestrated spoke in the wheel.
Palestinians who fought themselves free of bondage from Ottoman and English rule together with Israelish, consider themselves to be the real owners of their land and see themselves under siege from not only Arabs but also the rest of the world. Since they became Jews for protection everybody wants to take their ancestorland and give it to some Arabs of questionable heritage.
The second intifadah effect war, reduced the GDP per annum, acc. to the Worldbank, of Gaza and the west-bank from 6 billion to 1 billion that they still receive in aid.
Israel at least produces to get it's money, but was austed for decades by the world.
Under the flag of the UN and this precedent created by the International Court I foresee no bright future.
Israel has been a Canaanite entity for a long time, as has Judah. The same can not be said of people coming from more then 40 different parts of the world that suddenly claim to be original landrelated inhabitants. Source: British
censussus that imported them for work purposes. Also:I.Finkelstein c.s 'The bible as myth.'

Given that legal precedent 1.5 billion Arabs can now claim they feel that same connectedness, by the umbrella terms 'Greater Arab Nationhood' and 'Islam' in the charters...
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No for a long time they have lived peacefuly speaking each others language and were happy to see the land come alive and away from Ottoman rule.
Bare in mind that a lot of people were poor 19th c., Egyptian peasants that had been banned or had to flee after rising up against their masters and had found a home in the levant. Only to be confronted with...the tax...and the call for arms...and being raided by bedouin...and the fact that under ottoman rule they could not own land but only the trees... and the house rented from the landlords that usually resided in Libanon, Irak or Syria or Egypt.
Where Israelis bought land from those to suddenly find out the intricasies of Ottoman law. (Palestinians were later given the choice but kept this law as does Jordan.)

Ramallah is by the way the only Arab build town of yore.
The uncle of Arafat (both Egyptian) started the call for killings as did Arab countries when jews wanted to go home and on their journeys.
Banna(E.) creator of islam extremism and the qur'aan were influential.
This uncle with ties to Bagdhad and Mekka (pre-islam Bekka:[gathering of the people] in S.A)had high aspiration to rule as the Ottomans had done. (Hezb-ut-tahrir a.k.a. the brotherhood) and saw Hitler as a tool, just as Hitler saw him as a tool and inspiration.
England and several allied Arab states had no objections to
the new educated jews.
Post WWii and 1948 a Syrian minister of foreign affairs even offered the now partly displaces arabs and others ''Palestine'...yep; an area in Syria that was actually of that name; a lush valley, larger then what they would have in greater west-bank and gaza and villages combined.6350 kmsq
Within two months he was murdered.
But the strange coincidence is that Syria still claims all the turf as it's lands (just like it did with Libanon)and many people have relatives in Syria belonging to a certain tribe. Allied now to al-qaeda. Did not Bin-Laden state that the palestinian struggle has always been the same struggle of islamic jihad. Nothing's changed.

The tribe that first took Muhammed in, after his stay in Ethiopia, later got in conflict with him and lost as consequence all it's land. Reconcilliation lie in fighting and conquering with the promiss that they could keep what they took. They made it all the way to Spain!
Islam land stays as such, reconquesta lies always at the doorstep.
A bit akin to : shoot the missionary on sight before you are colonized.
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Partially yes, because they decided to go to battle for their lives against Arabs in Palestine who were alligned with Nazi Germany because they wanted the British out.
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It is very wrong to say it like that.
The conflict started more than 2000 years ago. The first turning point was when the Romans destroyed the second temple, and the last jewish stronghold at Masada. Since then the jews has always been persecuted throughout Europe. The most prominent where when the jews were blamed for causing the black death and other miseries throghout europe: We all know about the holocaust during WW2 when more than six million jews got killed by systematical mudering. during the holocaust it is worth noticing that the arabs cooperated with the nazis and that the great mufti had made a special deal with them.
3 years after the war the british mandate for Palestine ended, and it was seperated into a arab part and a free jewish state (free religion was present). At the same night Israel was declared an independent country it was attacked by every single of its arab neighbours.

According to this, would you still say that that the jews are the ones who started the conflict?