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Cell Based Reporter Assays vs. Animal Studies in Drug Discovery- Potential Limitations, Risks
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This blog critically analyzes the potential scientific limitations, risks and liabilities of cell based reporter assays, including non-natural protein based reporter assays (e.g. circularly permuted firefly luciferase or GFP based reporter assays) and stem cell based assays, in drug discovery and development. Scientific arguments have been put forward to suggest that current format of cell based reporter assays may not be ideal for replacing animal studies. This blog also analyzes the potential negative impact of patents and intellectual property (IP) rights in fostering innovations in cell based assays. Finally, this blog warrants imposing accountability, tighter regulations and demanding higher standards in cell based assays that are used in drug discovery and development. Please follow this link to read the full blog article: http://sciclips.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/cell-based-reporter-assays-vs-animal-studies-in-drug-discovery-potential-limitations-risks-and-liabilities/