Human cloning

Human cloning

Can a human be clone
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Human cloning discussion
Can a human be clone
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Why bother we kill so many of our unborn in the name of "Privacy" why do we want to make a clone?
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Sponge booooobbby.
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In a small town
There was a clown.
He lived all alone
Had the surname of Clone.

Would not that be weird
If he had disappeared?

Can a human be cloned?
But by whom would be owned
Such unusual creature?
What about human rights?
I'm a teacher.

When you sell your sperm
Having no term,
Will it be abused?
Are such "goods" produced?

Who will trade a life?
Clones of human hive...
Which would give us honey
In exchange for money!!!

Rib of Adam's a bone.
God could make Eve a clone.
That's a biblical story,
It's not true, I'm sorry.

Can a human by phone
Be on TV set shown?

Fairy tales have still
Many things which should fill
In the future earth's life
Very soon will arrive.