Global warming

Global warming

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People global warming is not real it has been hapening for millions of years it is just still melting rom the ice age it is gonna freeze all over again and then its gonna melt and its gonna be called global warming again so 2 all of u librals who beleive in global warming who drive ur big SUVS everywhere who act like they care
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The above message from mehehe is, of course, completely wrong. Currently, 97% of climate and atmospheric scientists agree that climate change is real and that is is caused by human activity, such as burning fossil fuels (coal, oil). They assign this a liklihood of over 90%. (Reference: - there are many, many other references)

They also give a very high liklihood that the effects of climate change will devastate human civilization.

Imagine that you are about to board a bus. There are 100 expert certified mechanics with specific training on that bus standing there, and 97% of them are 90% certain that the bus will crash and burn with great loss of life. Will you get on? Or will you insist that the bus be fixed right away, before it goes another inch? Imagine another group by the bus, dressed in clown suits and trying to take your money, is urging you not to worry, to get on, that everything is fine, to ignore the experts. Will you listen to them or to the experts?

The writer above, and a number of lobbyists and low-quality scientists, most of whom are not trained in atmospheric science and most of whom are funded, directly and indirectly by "big oil", are trying to convince you that climate change is not happening. They are wrong. Very wrong.

Listen to the experts. Make sure that your politicians do, too.
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Maybe the 3% are right. The other 97% of teh Climate and atmospheric scientist are working for AL Gore or Lieberman. I remember as a 5 year old hearing about the state of California, it was going to fall into teh Ocean any day. here it is 50 years later and it's still there. So is all of mankind.