Global warming

Global warming

Blogengeezer, might I have a word?
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Global warming discussion
lehmann520's turtles all the way down. I can't believe how foolish some of the things I said are... but on with it, at least I've learned something

okay, so, it's all bullshit and I suddenly understand what you were saying about taxes and Huxley and its scaring me

the thing that's really killing me is that Beck and Bush are...right. The horror, the shame

I'm familiar with Maunder (sunspots) and understand enough of Milankovitch factors(eccentricities, axial tilt, precession)to grasp the relevance but Svensmark is a bit above my lack of education. I understand cosmic rays (at least what they are basically) but he lost me on how it relates to cloud cover.

I guess physics as a second income source is out.
any elucidation?

many thanks for the link (youtube) and the sudden catastrophic brain expansion

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I love it Dawn. Yes I remember "Turtles, it's Turtles, all the way down" LOL. I think we are still encompassed in many of the beliefs from past generations. Your comment from the first time I read your post, the one referring to the avg comments.. I agree, it is like watching "TV Court with Judge Joe Brown". LOL

As far as the links, ref, Bob Carter Global Cooling ('Not by Fire, but by ICE' theory) logically presents the 'Low Cloud' Galactic Radiation effect of Svensmark's studies. Deep sea core samples do not depend on the 'immensely flawed' surface stations. Ice Core samples as well, are superior. I have followed 'Glacier Girl' and 'Lost Squadron' for years. Heavy accumulation of ICE since 1944. It is Ignored by the 'Turtles' theorists.

Found the 'Floaters' interesting. Deep sea temps are Not rapidly changed by solar activity. Tectonic plate expansion Zones and their resultant volcanic action are Ignored. Little understood, 'Magnetic Pole shift cycles', Ignored.
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Man. you can't know this but I hope you understand what I'm about to tell you. I probably shouldn't because we're strangers and this is just electronic noise but I have to tell some one. Please don't take this the wrong way.

you changed my life with that Bob Carter link.

I am a writer. I came to this forum looking for interesting discourse and perspectives on global warming, climate change and other 'hot topics' because I want to make more money. It occurred to me that writing a story about stuff that people are afraid of was a good way to do it. and it is.

I generally shun anything remotely related to current events, mass media, mass communication. I don't blog/twitter. I don't even text. I can't see the point and I really believed that its all bull shit anyway. My daughter created a facebook page for me in hopes of drawing me into 'the modern age' (her words)I have never seen it. I live in a world of books, written words, old classics, my horses, my kids, etc.

I didn't vote in the last election. I didn't care. I KNOW everyone is lying and can't figure out how to sift through all the crap. I'm not liberal or conservative or libertarian. I'm a drop out.
stop the world I wanna get off.

that bob carter video was the truth, the first REAL truth I've heard or seen in a long time. I almost had a heart attack watching it. I was thrilled beyond words.But, I also had a problem.

some time ago, some how I watched Glenn Beck talking about global warming. I wish I could remember how and why I was watching but I can't. That kind of thing isn't something I bothered with. Never-the-less, the memory is in my brain. I recall his graph. comparing it with Professor Carter's, I realized they were very simliar. Carter isn't a hypemeister,Beck's no scientist but the graphs are similar.
Carter is telling the truth, I'm sure of it. That means Beck is too since he's saying the same thing. Which leads me to...what else have I missed?

I'm playing catch up now. I don't want to get sucked in to lies and honestly...sometimes I just can't tell...
you seem to know what's going on
do you have any suggestions?

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Dawn, thank You for being so kind and understanding. Most people are quite combative on issues....
Whether they fully understand them or not.

I also have found it is rare to alter their beliefs
after a given point in their chronological age.
The Main Stream Media has an incredible amount of influence,...over those that have absolutely NO inclination to do any research.

I often portray the Internet as more akin to the 'Trappers Rendezvous'. A time of year and predetermined location, those incredibly talented individuals (Grizzly Adams:>) would meet, to trade their Hides, demonstrate their survival skills
(they could not attend a second time, if they were weak in that aspect :>).
Most valuable of all, 'Share their accumulated Knowledge'. Profit is acquired by Not repeating mistakes. Mistakes in those days were often deadly..

Naturally 'Rendezvous' was interspersed with misinformation (many times purposefully) and outright fiction for it's entertainment value.
I would have loved to live in those times, hopefully as a survivor :>)

Obviously you are in that rare cut above the 'average'. Welcome to the Club :>)

Although we disagree on several philosophies, I have found many sources I trust with sharing, around 'The Campfire'.
'This' is just one. I like his links in the left bar of his YT site (most of them), we share links from time to time.
He has some great History sites. As you well know, History tells from experience, 'How it all worked out'..

I also enjoy 'Frum's comments on YT:

My own blog (one of them) is
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Thanks for understanding. Thanks for the compliment and the links. Don't be too sure about the differing philosophies, I'm just getting started.

oh yeah, thanks for the book idea. I found something REALLY scary to write about. I don't know who will read it but I'm going to write it anyway. It's the story of a woman who finds link to the truth and how the truth changes her life. (They say to write what you know)


I'm out there blogging away now...can't get enough, dishes are piling up in the sink and the dog keeps watching me with a doggy question in his eyes. I assume he's wondering what the hell is wrong with me.
My kids are delighted.

I have a feeling you would do well as a trapper. Mountain men were so free... it's a very cool dream. I always wished I could have gone with Lewis and Clark, imagine the hardships and the beauty...staggering.

thanks again and I'll see you around
infinite diversity in infinite THERE'S the mind of God.

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Book idea sounds great Dawn, Books oftentimes
lead to films :>)
One other great lesson I learned from my 'business' oriented sister (Russian imports, 'St Petersburg Collection'). She sent me the PBS series "Commanding Heights" Battle for 'the worlds economy. It happens to be six hours long, so must be watched in parcels. The set of DVD's is the way I accomplished it.

My very intelligent (aerospace) neighbor, commented after I loaned it to him, "That was a college course".

We all were exposed to Keynesian theory, lots of Keynes during our education years. This series gives Hayek an opportunity to be heard from an historical perspective. Excellent Presentation, even has Bill Clinton telling his own experience. Well some of it :>)

The blogs are great, you should start your own (maybe you have already?) and use it as a storage medium. Some are easier to manipulate for special effects. If you leave a comment on my 'Da Flikkers' blog it has 'moderation' enabled. the comment will not be shown publicly unless I pre-approve it's verbiage. Keeps the 'Nasties' at bay :>)

One other note. We travel a couple of times a year. Stay in campgrounds, live in the motor home. For the last couple of years, we followed parts of the Lewis and Clark Expedition route. What an amazing collection of people they were. Only lost one man and he had, lol "a Pre-existing Condition".

Fort Klatsop was their winter camp on the Pacific coast. I hiked up to the bluff where they finally gazed out over the Ocean. It still really affects me emotionally.. bedtime now, talk later..thank You for notes :>)
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I have made a note about the PBS course for the price of a dvd set sounds like value for my dollar, I'm interested. I wish I could afford college for myself. I didn't get a chance to go for financial and 'family situation' reasons. My kids are going and the way I figure it, that means the best part of me gets to go. I do my best to impart my enthusiasm for this to them.

I am going to start my own blog but I have a lot more research to do and a bit more catching up in this medium. So far I'm figuring things out on my own. My problem is that I've forgotten my damn e-mail password and I'm waiting for them to send it to me. ( I wasn't kidding when I said I dropped out of this world...this is the first time I've WANTED e-mail). Lots of blog sites e-mail your list password, I have at least three waiting for my attention. I predict a minor explosion and 12 straight hours of typing once I'm 'freed'.

I'm on my way to check out your blog. I'm living in a pile of scribbled notes and lost the one about your links in the chaos. I spent last night organizing and filing the info I've collected in just a few days.

I've run into some new stuff that's very interesting. I'm in the process of sifting for truth now. I have scientific reports already downloaded...they ain't getting me twice.

I'm having trouble finding any real opposition to study...guys like Carter and Moon standing for the other side. That's troubling are they arguing pro/con if there's no one but Al Gore and a few celebs against scientists.

I guess that's the whole sorry point, isn't it. How depressing. I LOVE a good argument. I go looking, find one, and it turns out to be a non-argument. I keep hearing the 'Coyote fail' music from the Roadrunner cartoons in my head.

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Hey Dawn, Following the Quake in Chile? Pretty good shaker, 900 times Haiti's 'Rock N Roll'. Chile is pretty self sufficient in comparison. Their economy has been rated at one of the most stable in the world. Lowest Debt, best return on investments. They don't Overextend themselves to 'have Stuff' :>) Now they need to fix 'Stuff'.

Of course they are on Calif's Slide (Pacific plate to the North) fault line with it's predictable problems. Probably shake and slip (eventually) all of the way to AK, little at a time over the next several years. Hawaii is watching for the Tsunami now. 11 am or so.

Biggest one to ever strike Hawaii in prehistoric times, was hundreds of feet tall a 'super wave', if I recall (not me doing the recalling:>)
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I have been following it and reading about changes in the mag field, possibility of more frequent quakes etc. Scary stuff.

What I find TOTALLY interesting is that Chile has declined (so far) international aide. I say GOOD FOR THEM! Let's pray that the greedy fingers of globalized stuff stays out of their debt free pockets.

The other thing that fascinates me is the reaction of main stream media to the idea that Chile doesn't want help. It's like someone killed a puppy on their doorsteps. Staggering that the idea that a country can help itself out of anything if it tries actually rubs people the wrong way.

My heart goes out to the lives lost and families in real agony but I say
You GO Chile! Stay free! Just because America is selling out, doesn't mean anyone else has to.

Guess I'm a fascist.

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The Mag field has been somewhat stable for about 700,000 yrs? It goes on excursions now and then, but generally stays at the 'top' end. It is waaay overdue for a complete 'flip'. They take from a few years (10?) to hundreds of years to 'Get er Done'. Last I read, the Magnetic North Pole will be in Siberia by end of this century, if present rate is continued (could slow or speed up:>)

The one notable thing (well besides hot Magma squishing out of various orifices), is the loss (disruption) of the Magnetosphere during the shift. that Solar Radiation is a 'real blast'. 2012 on, is a pivotal year in the 'cracking' magnetosphere (pop Sci article).

Kinda sorta, sounds like Maya prediction theory :>) Bible prediction is also interesting on the same subject (and others), but we can save that for later. Myself, as a Christian Believer, and a history/Geology/Science/Universe buff, find the entire, various possible scenarios quite exciting to witness. Sort of like getting to actually watch a close 'Super Nova' occur in the night sky. I'd Love It :>)
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I am also interested in the correlation between the Mayan calendar, and the possible disruption of the Magnetosphere during the shift/flip that we are over due for.

The Bible prediction of Revelation scares the hell out of me and I'm not a Christian. I see many, many correlations between modern politics and politicians, globalization, current hostilities (I refuse to call them wars, we have not declared war except in the media), end of freedoms, plus the terrible things happening in a our physical world etc and the visions of John. I don't normally talk about such things because it is a good way to get labeled a nutcase/crank which I am not but I feel comfortable admitting this to you. anyone else watching?


I want to do more than witness, I want in on this battle. I am a soldier by nature. My intelligence, ability to respect others and my skill in communication are my weapons of choice. In fact, the message my children have for anything I choose to 'go to war' over is...bring your best because she certainly is.

As a Christian I think you can understand when I say, isn't it wonderful how God left us all these clues about the terrible times ahead? From the Mayans to The Bible to the Koran to scientific knowledge to the very rocks that make up this planet. We must really be destined for wonderful things.

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