Global warming

Global warming

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Global warming discussion
TO ME global warming in MY OPINION is a peice of crap.

i dont believe its goin to happen this qwik.fair enuf,we shuld make a strt to stop global warming.

but sum of the things r stupid.

like wats the point in asda, bring ur own carrier bags:
people wuld forget to bring them.i kno my mum and dad do. and its 5p 4 every do my weekly shoppin thats 20p. i could by a sweet 4 that much from the corner shop down the road.

i think its tym we use electric england theyre puttin the charging things on the road, ur driveway if uve got an electric car and car they dont pollute the air.

anyways thanks 4 reading my point of view.i respect urs.

its the summer holidays and i get really a kid i find ways to amuse myself tho. what else culd i do?
i ussually pull pranks around the house and ussually get told off. its gettin kinda old now. oh well..........
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I really hate how people are so stupid. are you artistic? if u are then you could make posters about global warming saying how The world should stop it and all that. but i dout its gonna do anything oh well you could still try if ur up to it. I know i am even though i hate doing artsy things

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Are you calling me stupid. really? a kid. whats the point of wasting my valuable time making posters for people to not even notice, what im trying to say is that most people arent going to try. by the way i think im goiing to be dead by the time global warming is going to happen. (<- its my views so please respect mine like i respects yours)