Extraterrestrial life
Before this world end you will find all the answers in my book
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Extraterritorial life was in this planet hundreds of year before humans life you will find all the answers exactly how everything happened i came to this planet and i will answers all the questions that humans do not understand.in may 2012 my manuscripts will come out in a book that explain everything about the universe humans and extraterritorial life.just remember my name Edward A. Marrerolaureano. Thanks.
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Yes, UFO's are a deception. What most people are unaware of is that there is a war for the Kingdom of God going on even as you read this. The Saints are in constant spiritual battle with demonic forces that are hell bent on dragging as many souls into Hell as posible.

We as Humans live a short life and then are subject to death. It is appointed for men to die once, then Judgement. Either a judgement into condemnation and the fires of Hell or to pass from judgement into Heaven, having been justified by faith and cleansed from the stain of sin by the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ.

Faith in the saving power of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross is a stumbling block for most intelectuals. Having said this let me offer you this explanation of the deception we face under the guise of Unidentified Flying Objects.

Satan and his demons have been trying for milenia to wipe out the human race and all traces of the knowledge of GOD. In UFO's they have found a way to divert mankinds attention from Heaven to the stars by creating the myth that there are other inhabited worlds that harbor advanced beings that have acquired space flight that allows them to travel light years in short periods of time, and have done so as far back as we have recorded history.

My theory states that UFO's are Demonic manifistations designed to deceive mankind into ignoring GOD and the Holy Scriptures and thinking that we have extraterrestrials that came or come to earth to: a.) Enlighten us; b.) Kidnap us and use us for medical experimentation; c.) Help our ancestors build exotic structures like the Pyramids; d.) Construct Crop Circles; e.) Slaughter animals and mutilate the bodies.

Good Greif, we as a race are extremely gulible. Ever watch Star Trek? I can't envision any Star Fleet Personel ever pulling a stunt like the ones discribed above. The Prime Directive would forbid it. Yet we ascribe these acts to ET's as if if were gospel when we have already made up our minds that we would never let our own astronauts/explorers act in such a mannor. Don't bother bringing up Klingons or Romulans. Theiy would just conquer and enslave not waste time with silly antics.

Putting ideas into the minds of men that cause them to see only what they either want to see or permitted to see is a time proven tactic of the fallen angels we call demons. Look at the atrocities man has perpertrated on his fellow man in the last 100 years to see the truth of that statement.

No. UFO's are not the bearers of a sublime and benelovent race who want to serve man. If they say that and have a handbook on how to serve man, make sure it's not a cookbook.

The abilities of UFO's in our atmosphere and oceans defy the physical laws of nature. Only supernatural beings can defy those laws as they were put into effect by the Creator for OUR benefit. GOD is not limited to the rules he laid down, and the physical laws hold no barrief to Angels or Demons.

Physical, material objects have both mass and weight and will reflect energy like RADAR. Even he so called Stealth Aircraft reflect RADAR waves but are designed to reflect them away from the source so they do not have a large Radar signature. UFO's on the other hand seem to be completely invisable to radar but are seen by people on the ground, aboard ships or in other aircraft and are seldom picked up on ground based radar like those used in Aircraft Control Towers or other aircraft with air to air radar.

This has been my opinion and is no crazier than any other theory out there. I just disagree with the main stream UFO Hunter.
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You wrote:
"My theory states that UFO's are Demonic manifistations designed to deceive mankind into ignoring GOD and the Holy Scriptures …"
But, have you ever read the scriptures carefully? It doesn't look like it. Perhaps you missed a couple hundred references to 'men' and 'messengers of Yahweh' (angels and men are mentioned interchangably in scripture. See the two messengers who rescued Lot from Sodom before it was destroyed). Messengers ('angels') sometimes are mistaken for ordinary humans. Apparently it is irrelevant to Yahweh where a person comes from; what matters to him, is this: Are you following the Law and Prophets, or not? Other times, these messengers are awesome beings that immediately inspire fear and awe, and leave us paralyzed by their presence. Still other times, they appear as 'wheels'; this is what some people describe as 'disks' or 'UFOs'. Both Ezekiel and Daniel describe this. Ezekiel and Isaiah take great care to describe how these sons of the Creator can show us any of these faces: like ordinary humans; like heavenly beings; or like fiery wheels, that is, like UFOs. These descriptions are by Moses, Jacob, Abraham, and by others. Daniel describes the eternal kingdom that is re-established on Earth, and his vision of this, with the Creator he calls 'Ancient of Days' who has fiery wheels. Daniel also describes the paralysis and terror that is relieved when one of these beings touches him; I've read this also in modern accounts.

Another common detail, present in both modern and biblical descriptions, is this pillar or column that can appear as fire, or as a 'heavenly sword', or as a 'ramp'on which these beings travel. And, Moses traveled almost daily up this column of 'cloud' to the place where Yahweh was in front of the 'tent of meeting' as people stood by and watched, when he and his secretary Joshua wrote down the scriptures. This is essentially identical to modern descriptions of a 'levitiation beam', or pillar of fire; in modern times, some people had an encounter that began when they saw this firey column at night, when they were out camping. This became known as'The Allagash Abductions'of 1976; this sort of thing has been reported thousands of times. David describes this also in the scriptures; so do others.

Surely you have heard the divine name, 'Yahweh-of-hosts' or several variations of this. Do you know what 'hosts' are? They are armies of these beings, sometimes described as the sons of Yahweh-elohim (sons of God). They are described several times as from the furthest reaches of the heavens. And, you know what's in the heavens? Stars with planets. Daniel describes these beings, hundreds of millions of them, when mankind is judged, after the Supreme One arrives whose whose 'wheels' were like fire. This is in Daniel 7:9.

I think you mentioned something about being kidnapped for medical experiments. There are literally tens of thousands of reports of people being abducted, and something was implanted in thir heads. If you have read the scriptures carefully, you will have noticed that this is described in Ezekiel 9, and the Author describes why he is sending out his messengers to do this. Yahweh tells one of them to put a mark on the forehead; those are the ones who will be spared on the day of Yahweh. If you study biblical Hebrew (I have), the word for 'on' also has the meaning 'in' (this word is ayin-lamed). This description is also in the book of Revelation. OK, now think about this — do you really think that there is one group of beings who are serving Yahweh of hosts who are looking for those who grieve over the abuse of the Law, and marking them; and a second group of evil demons who are doing the same thing, and neither group knows of the other? I do not think so. What we know for sure, is that the Supreme One is sending out his servants to do this.

What concerns me, is that you also seem to have overlooked the Ten Commandments; in particular:

Exodus 20:7 and Deuteronomy 5:11 "You do not take up the Name-of-YHWH-your-Elohim in falsehood; for YHWH does not hold him guiltless who takes his-Name for falsehood."

Writing and saying untrue things about someone, is libel and slander, and you can get sued in court for that. Exodus 20:7, one of the Ten Commandments, is saying that you also will be punished for making untrue statements about him, and saying false things that damage his reputation (that is, 'his name'). Say something false about him or his servants the angels, and he will certainly hold you guilty. Because of this warning, I always make sure I can back up everything I say about our Creator; when I was translating the OT to English, I made files of everyting that caught my eye. Personally, I do not want to be found guilty of libeling our Creator; and calling his servants 'demons'and 'evil' might be something that qualifies as falsehood. We are responsible for our words.

Something I noticed, that might be of importance is that there are hundreds of descriptions of an antichrist, a false prophet, wicked counselor, foolish shepherd, etc.; and ALL the descriptios, way over a hundred, fit Paul of Tarsus, and the Roman emperor Constantine who was responsible for putting Paul of Tarsus in the new testament, as if Paul of Tarsus was equal to the gospels of Jesus. Have you ever found a list comparing what Jesus said, with what Paul of Tarsus says on the same topic? I tried making a list; Paul of Tarsus praises Jesus for what Jesus does not claim, and then contradicts Jesus at every possible opportunity; and he despises the Law and says he is above the Law; but Jesus says that the Law is perfect and not one dot or stroke will ever depart from the Law. Paul of Tarsus denies Jesus left and right and pretends to praise him. Make a list for yourself, and you just may find that Paul is the anti-Jesus; yet Paul is the most quoted man in the bible. And 'faith'? Despite what Paul claims, there is no faith apart from the Law. All through the old testament, 'faith' means to obey and keep the Law and prophets faithfully. Jesus said to make your faith small as the smallest mustard seed. But modern Christians seem to think that if their faith is huge as a Mack truck, they need to make it as big as the Goodyear blimp. Jesus says to trust and keep the Law, and to reduce your faith to a one single pearl amidst the countless others. Paul of Tarsus misquotes scripture, and makes statements about Jesus that Jesus never said. But, don't believe me; get a bible and make a list; write down what Jesus says, and what Paul says; you may be surprised, or even shocked. This is not a 'theory'; I can quote scripture to back up all I say. If something comes from Yahweh as a quote written down by one of his prophets (Jesus called himself a prophet, BTW) then it is truth; if it comes from a human, it is not truth. And, the apostles are not prophets; only mistaken human opinion says otherwise (same thing, for the sages and talmud of Judaism).
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Whether we are Christians, Muslims, Taoists, Buddhists, Hindus and many other religious denominations,(I am not against all and I respect everyone's), we must respect one another so that we will not quarrel. After all, we are all children of God. It doesn't matter whether our belief is like that but the fact is, we are all under one GOD, the Supreme Father. The ideal idea is how are we going to LOVE GOD. We must develop our love for God and to fully surrender everything to Him because everything and anything in this world whether animate or inanimate came from Him.