Aurora, Colorado
Aurora Woman Tortured
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A colleague e-mailed me this story and spoke to me in detail about this woman's situation. I am an advocate for abused women. This is the worst case of abuse that I have knowledge of. The reason being, that people in authoritative positions, participated in this abuse.

This woman was abused and victimized, over and over again.

This is unacceptable!!!

As an advocate I can not identify the woman. Although, this woman's address has been sealed by the courts. The final judge who had contact with this woman, realized how dangerous this situation is.

What are you going to do, to ensure that this doesn't repeat itself?

The Arapahoe County Department of Social Services in Colorado, The Aurora, CO Police Department, The Aurora,CO Mayor and City Council and The Arapahoe County Judicial System are the most corrupt and evil of all government institutions.

A beautiful woman I met, whom I'm grateful to call a good friend now, was seriously tortured by these departments. She nearly lost her life due to their inhumane, jealous, zealous, behavior. This is a woman whom worked 2-3 jobs to make it through college, established a name for herself in her area of study and is the most gentle, beautiful, loving mother and person I have ever met.

Specific individuals whom have impeded this inhumane torture and should be stayed clear of are: Judge Cheryl Post, Magistrate Cristine Chauce, Maxine Hoffman;SS, Michelle Steinman;SS, Marlene Thorpe;SS, Patricia Olivas;SS, Ed Steinburg; DPS, Donna Schlosberger; Attorney, Tamara White; Attorney, Mayor Ed Tauer and Council, Chief Dan Oates and The APD.

These are not people. These are evil, wicked perpetrators whom are destroying our families, children, churches, schools and communities.

Please, if you have any affiliation with these individuals or departments, do whatever you can to help vacate their positions.

We are now in a time of "An Awakening" and this evil must be weeded out.

I admire the strength of my beautiful friend. She is a true lady and an excellent example for women throughout the world.

I hope her beautiful, illuminating smile continues to enlighten and inspire everyone she meets. And I pray that she continues to heal from this horrible affliction of pain, in a positive manner
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It is a very sad day when people whom we should look up to, abuse their power.

It is our duty, as citizens, to stop this type of behavior.

These people should be protecting us, not putting our lives in danger.

If a people become jaded in their line of work, they should leave.

I agree, we must weed out this horrible evil!!!!