Are mammoths alive
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At about 14 years of age I read a book about monsters - I am 70 now and I have never forgotten it. The story was about a Russian woodsman conscripted into the army for the First World War who had been captured by the Germans and had ended up in Paris after the war. He told a tale of hunting in the vast forests of Russia and finding large footprints which he followed until he found the animals that had made them - then he ran away. He was an illiterate uneducated man who had no knowledge of animals outside of Russia but he drew what looked exactly like a Mammoth when explaining this event. At least, that's what it said in the book. I am only now wondering if he was lying and had seen elephants in the Zoo in Paris; if there is or was one there then? A recent hazy picture taken in the Russian outback shows a gingery large beast with four legs crossing a river. Could this old soldier/peasant have been telling the truth? I hope so.