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Global warming

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Global warming discussion
I think I might know what causes the natural cycle of climate change. Don't react thinking this is an attack on the concept of man-made global warming, this would simply be knowledge. Neutral knowledge, that if correct would go a long way in understanding the situation and determining the extent, or lack thereof, of human effect on that natural cycle of climate change.

My idea is that the natural cycle of warming and cooling, that both sides of the debate aknowledge exists, is caused by the "wobble" of our own sun. We detect planets around other stars by the "wobble" they impart to the star. That "wobble" is actually more accurately described as a "micro orbit". I think the natural cycle of warming and cooling may be largely caused by the relationship of the orbits between the Earth and the Sun.

The sun is not sitting still, it has a tiny orbit ("wobble") of it's own. It only makes sense that this orbital relationship would impact the temperature on Earth.

If this orbital relationship could be precisely determined and modeled, that information could in turn be used to calculate the effect on Earth temps. This, in turn, would also reveal if any "extra warming" that is not accounted for by the orbital relationship exists.

I really think this is an area science should be looking into. On the surface the global warming crowd is likely to consider it an attack on their narrative, but in reality it vital information they need if they are actually scientists and not just in the climate business.
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It would be nice if this teory is true but unfotunately we people are 100% to blame for climate change. I just wish people would wake up and see it?!

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There are counties in several states, with less than 500 people, land owners in these counties keep control over countie Government, by using different means. Protecting the environment to control population groath, is one way demographs ,Endangered species is another way used to keep people from making a living off the land. Gridlock in Washington makes it impossible for the whole Country to emerge from the present economic slump. "Occupying the land" movement is a good way to help Washington break theBig business and Government control of the environmental movement has ruined the economy, and does very little good for the environment. This is because it allows the worse polluters to decide what is good and what is bad for the environment. There are hundreds of things that could be done other than Western bashing to solve the problem, Instead of dumping wast water into our rivers ,lakes our drinking water, every drop should be used to grow more trees Scientists have looked carefully at each of these factors. The only one where the data matches up is greenhouse gases -- levels of these gases have risen sharply as we burn more fossil fuels. If liberals were really interested in solving the problem, and not interested only in bashing industrialized nations, They would look for real solutions, The most logical solution is to increase oxygen in the atmosphere, rather than slow industrialization. One average size tree produces enough oxygen for breathing of 25 people. The average new home built would add 5 new trees to the world's best oxygen producers A simple solution in the US Is to force the US Government to release some of the millions an millions of acres, they are holding away from the people to control demographers for political reasons. GB advocates have already starved 100 millions Africans to death with their Western bashing agenda. Trees not only pump oxygen into the atmosphere they also pump moisture into the air. It doesn't rain much any more in Africa because most of the trees have been cut down in Africa and the Mid east. present gridlock..