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An Artist's spirit- Drawings: Watteau App review
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I found an app which would be useful to artists and i thought i would include it here...

On the last days of Jean Antoine Watteau, he was holding a brush and painting thing on air until life ceased to exist in his fragile body, at the age of 36. It was a young age for an artist whose legacy will still be recognized due to his brilliance. Watteau made fashionable again the Baroque style and went forth to revive it and was then called Rococo. He also was a very unique painter, planting the seeds of impressionism in his works. His pieces were moving and theatrical, beautiful for the sake of beauty. He loved his work and it shows even today. Drawings: Watteau aims to capture the spirit of the artist from his numerous drawings that are very unique.

The app shows several paintings and most of them utilize different colored pens primarily black, white and red. Though it is not an original style, he managed to refresh it and transform the style into something quite painterly. His drawings were beautiful studies of the human body as they move or pose. He also studied landscapes. He also loved fabrics and how they moved. This app captures part of that spirit and gives us a glimpse of his majestic work. The high resolution images are absolutely stunning. If you love an image, you can favorite them so that you can easily find them.

If you love art or if you are studying art and history, analyzing the works of Watteau through his foundation drawings can really help you in understanding his unique point of view and creative genius.

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