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Alternative Settling Tanks Design
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Dear Colleagues,
I would like to tell interesting story in the field of Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants Design. For water clarification on the Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants are used Settling Tanks(Sedimentation Basins).These are a very important units because there are settled 95-96% of turbid water's particles.All Handbooks are offering Sedimentation theory for Settling Tanks Design at the global water industry.That Traditional Theory was developeded more than 100 years ago. But thanks to this theory you can not to calculate a main size of Settling Tanks! It is depth of Settling Tanks.I am not kidding. The main reason is next: more than 100 years ago scientists developed Traditional Sedimentation Theory on basis Newton's Gravitational Law. It was great mistake because scientists are chosen particles velocity as a main parameter in design process.It was necessary to choose water flow velocity. Why? Because water flow velocity about 100 times bigger than particles velocity in sedimentation basin. On this reason it was necessary to develop Settling Tanks Design on basis Newton's Second Law. I developed Alternative Sedimentation Theory and any student can calculate depth of Settling Tanks,create models of them and can choose effective one. It is easy and convenient. Who is interested the result of the Alternative Sedimentation Theory can visit Google ( and write my name Sadyrbek Djighitekov. There are you can find my article "Alternative Sedimentation Theory for Settling Tanks Design". There is example of Rectangular tanks calculation and you can compare with traditional approach.
With best wishes,
Sadyrbek Djighitekov,Ph.D
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Dear Sagi

very interesting approach.

we are designing for seawater intake for feeding cooling water to a power plant (36000 M3/hr). Since it is seawater there is only silt but no sludge. can i seek your advice for design of a silting basin for such an application using your alternate design basis?


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Dear Mr. Sanjeev,
Thank you for your interest to my theory. I have not experience in the field of seawater treatment. However if you are designing silt basin please visit to the web:
There is an example of Rectangular Tank design. May be that example can help you. If you have any questions please feel free and send me message to my e-mail address:
Sadyrbek Djighitekov, Ph.D