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Well.....scientists are trying to send signals to aliens through satellites which is opposed by other scientists which say that there may be aliens which are more advanced than us and can even attack our planet! so what do you think?
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Unless we have something they want or need I can't see the point of them attacking. If they are that much more advanced than us odds are they know we're here anyway. The planet bleeds enough radio signals as it is not too mention all the probes we've been sending for decades.

my feelings are, if there is a someone close enough to hear us they would respond if they could. They only have to be at about our level of tech to be listening in the first place.

I would think simple curiosity would prompt some kind of response even if it was 'quit your shouting we hear you'.

Curiosity might be uniquely human of course but it seems to endemic to even low levels of intelligence on this planet if only as a means of finding food or mates.

a much more advanced species might not be interested in us at all. after all we're loud, aggressive, argumentative, fearful, and we undoubtedly stink. Unless they want to eat us or take something that only Earth has, for instance plastic, why bother?

the only other possibility of being attacked, and its a scary one, is if this advanced race is extremely xenophobic and wants to eliminate a potential rival. They find us and stomp us out under the heel of their high tech boot. We'd probably never even know they were there to begin with. If such a species is out there, they probably make a point of looking for planets like this and species like us so they can get on with the stomping. Against this nightmare we would do best to hide like frightened mice and never make a sound.

too late


....aliens invade the world to steal plastic. they attack garbage dumps across the globe...do I smell a bad novel brewing?
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True. We have no idea about how dangerous aliens can be. If there are aliens much more advanced than humans, they could have figured out a way to travel from galexy to galexy. I know that life exists on other planets. We never met them. We don't know what we would be facing. It's very dangerous.