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AIMST University

AIMST University

Aimst University in world iniversity ranking
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AIMST University discussion
It has been 10 years since the inception and recognition of Aimst University by the government of Malaysia and last year 2010, Aimst medical faculty even got the recognition from the World Health Recognition body, WHO. This is a great step progressing forward. The facilities and built up design of Aimst U is superb, in my opinion, is the best in Malaysia with the campus situated on a land area size of 230 acres, one of the biggest campus in Asia.
However, the problem of the university is its world ranking. It is among the top bottom three in Malaysia ranking by the World Ranking Body of universities and colleges. Currently, it is ranked 10,998 in position in the world. It cannot compete even with those university colleges in Malaysia, in term of ranking position. There's nothing wrong with its education quality especially in medical and engineering sciences where it collaborate with the University of Bristol, UK's syllabus. I think the main problem is its management and marketing. I hope the university body and committee concerned should look into this. There should be a committee body in the university planning for short and long term positioning. Then, in 5 - 10 years later, you can look back at how Aimst University has turned into a world class university. Currently, there are very few foreign student studying at Aimst. The first thing that scared potential foreign student off is its positioning in world ranking. Transport is one major problem as the university is quite isolated from town. Even 35 years ago, TAR college, do have large fleet of buses plying major routes to town every five minutes. At Aimst, clinical training years at hospital is a major problem as it is far from the student hostel. The only source of transport is the illegal taxi that serve university student.
World ranking as at July 2011 : http://www.webometrics.info/rank_by_country.asp?country=my&offset=50