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Serratia marcescens

Serratia marcescens

According to the lab, I have serratia marcescens. The docs have been treatin...
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Serratia marcescens discussion
According to the lab, I have serratia marcescens. The docs have been treating it with Septra but it still lingers. Any other suggestions for treatment? thanks
replied to: wtd53
This stuff is REALLY hard to get rid of. I got it during an outpatient hospital surgical procedure. I believe it is now in my lungs - but OF COURSE - the new doctor I have want's to put it off on smoking!! So, I quit and keep getting worse. Mine is in my throat but spreading. The 2nd anti-b they tried helped - but didn't completely cure it. It was called "LEVAGUIN 500 mg".

I have done ALOT of research online about this stuff - and it is REALLY HARD to get rid of.

What were your symptoms when the lab ran the test??

Email me at lindagshe@hotmail.com OR sparkle001@hotmail.com - PLEASE put SERRATIA in the subject line OR I might delete it.

We'll talk more I HOPE!!

replied to: wtd53
Hi! I too have been battling this serratia marcescens every since an oupatient surgical procedure on September 30, 2009. It's been over 1 1/2 years AND it still lingers also. I was told by a desease specialists that he thought it was 'colonized' and therefore, antibiotics would not help. I am waiting now to be seen my Emory Clinic for a second opinion. I have it in my throat, from the surgery I had. I just know I have not been the same since contracting this and ..... I do know it affects your respiratory functions and infections. It can also damage your kidneys. Even when it clears up - it's not for long and - as soon as the coughing and headaches (which I've learned is a sign that it's in your blood system) and can even be fatal. I just know I need HELP!!

How do you think you contracted the serratia. Where is the infection in your body and what symptons did and have you had. I would love to hear back from you. THis is a disease I've found that, especially, if contracted in a hospital - well you get doctors that don't really want to do for you what they should because they're more concerned with a law suit rather than helping you cure (if it's even curable) this infection.

Please email me back at ls0054@hotmail.com. I've found several people online that have battled this for years - and like you and I, it always returns.

Hope to hear back from you soon since your comment has been posted since Jan., 2011. We ALL need to help each other as I have heard some bad stories concerning this infection. LET'S HELP EACH OTHER WITH whatever we know or learn.