Human cloning
Abolish Human Cloning
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The dangers of human cloning are catastrophic, such as uncontrolled mutations, human rights violations, degrading and immoral, irreparable terrifying consequences of negligence, and last but not least uncontrollable increase in unwanted genetically programmed human slaves. Human cloning brings little benefits and numerous evil consequences.
The mutations in genetically cloned humans could be disastrous, painful and demeaning to experiment victims and the people. The horror of mutated people walking around our world brings a new low for civilization. There is no way of regulating the infinite new forms and mutations from human cloning and genetic experiments. Why do people force our children to suffer these terrible pains from experimentation?
Human cloning violates our freedom and potential to be all that we can. We should be born free and strive for the life that we choose not programmed, hardwired into our bodies with a set of instructions or code. Genetic codes limits our potential to merely parts and pieces to a larger work of somebody’s command, like a part in a car or plane from a factory that makes millions of identical clones in an engine. Factorizing our babies into factory parts for an engine is not the future; we don’t want that kind of life.
Negligence is also a huge threat with human cloning, such as categorizing the genetically cloned humans into websites for anyone with internet to place orders and buy human babies, organs and replacement parts from anywhere in the world. This problem allows negligent and evil people to buy, trade, sell, and order humans everywhere around the world. If this problem were to ever occur, human civilization would have hit a new low.
If negligence occurred then abuse is soon to follow, after ordering cloned babies the victim is sure to suffer a horrible life as slaves, utilities or cruel evil doers, parts replacement and evil armies of devastation and destruction.